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Hoover Dam

After a long, boring, flat drive from the Grand Canyon we were all very much looking forward to getting out of the car, so when we saw the winding entrance queue for Hoover Dam our hearts sank. Thankfully the line moved quickly and after paying the $10 parking fee we were free to escape and explore the mammoth concrete construction.


Not having enough time to take a tour we happily wandered around taking in the incredible feat of engineering that opened in 1935 and took over 100 lives.


The sunshine bounced off both the flowing water and the bridge to create a gorgeous luminosity that the pictures can’t quite do justice.


Though views of the bridge were amazing I was drawn towards the less photographed side of the Dam where Dalek like structures with clock faces rose from the water, like gargantuan time keepers of Nevada and Arizona.


Also, across this side the water was so still and perfectly clear I could see huge fish gracefully swimming around, which appealed to me.


Initially just a stop because we were passing the Dam’s front door on the way to Las Vegas, this is an attraction well worth a proper visit.


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