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Caravan, Kings Cross

I feel like even though I know plenty of people in London we are all so busy it is a nightmare to actually see anyone without it being completely last minute or planned with military precision. So, last month I decided to start a monthly brunch club inviting my London based Facebook friends to join me one Sunday a month for brunch at varying London locations not only to see each other but also to encourage eating at different places.

As I had anticipated brunch club had its “regulars” with a couple additions, which is cool. My main concern when first putting this out to my Facebook peers was nobody turning up resulting in lots of posts about me being a loner.


This month’s venue was Caravan Kings Cross, a restaurant serving up “well travelled food, and mighty fine coffee, located in an old grain store”.


The words ‘Caravan’ and ‘old grain store’ automatically made me think dark and damp however this could not have been further from the huge open premises that the restaurant was housed in.


Despite its vastness Caravan was also hugely popular, however waiting 45 minutes for a table was not a problem due to the glorious sunny weather; we simply chilled out and soaked up the rays at the edge of Regent’s canal whilst awaiting a text to let us know when a table was available.


There was still a small wait when we arrived but the waiter came and chatted with us to pass the time and to make us aware that we had not been forgotten about. The staff, though all incredibly busy, were both chatty and efficient which added to the buzzing yet chilled atmosphere. Though the tables were tightly packed together the high ceiling and industrial decor made the place feel bright and airy.


The menu was not your standard brunch and had many combinations that excited me so much that I had to go half and half with my long suffering boyfriend.


To start I had a Morning Gin which was a zesty, refreshing way to wake up. The boys all went for bloody marys; I am not usually a fan as often I feel like it is drinking salty salsa however these were light and to my surprise delicious.


Next it was onto a stack of Jalapeno corn bread, fried eggs, black beans and guindilla pepper. The corn bread was amazing, the zingy chilli and sweet corn created a wonderful depth of flavours rather than being overly spicy. They also had a well balanced egg to bread ratio which I have a great appreciation for.


Time to swap plates and try poached eggs, aubergine puree, yoghurt, sumac, parsley, toast. The poached eggs and aubergine came served beautifully and the puree was sultry and smoky. My only small critique would be that unlike my first dish the toast ratio was all wrong – one small slice for 3 eggs just didn’t add up.


To finish we all grabbed a coffee made in their on-site roastery which was bittersweet and strong (just how I like it).


All round Caravan Kings Cross is a really great place serving up unique food,  smooth coffee in a beautiful and convenient location.

If anyone has suggestions for next months Brunch Club venue let me know by posting below.

Granary Building
1 Grananey Square
London N1C 4AA
020 7101 7661

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    This breakfast looks so delicious, really makes hungry now =)

    Love x

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