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As I have mentioned previously, I am in no way a chef. My style of cooking is haphazard (I once ended up in A&E making a bacon roll) I also use very little precision in the kitchen, however I love to cook and, despite the injuries, have managed to collect a repertoire of super simple vegetarian recipes.

I am not great at following a recipe and use it more as a guideline; to me the kitchen is a place to be creative and experiment, not for perfection. I have added pictures so hopefully you can follow along.

This one is also gluten free and Low FODMAP friendly.


(Feeds 2)

1 x Butternut Squash (you can use other types of squash if preferred)
1 x Courgette
2 x Spring Onions
Brie (others cheese such as grated cheddar, camembert, goats cheese or even tofu can also be used)
Chilli Flakes
Olive Oil


Cut Squash in Half

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

Scoop out the seeds

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

Score and either put in an oven at 180 for around 35 mins (varies depending on size of squash) or, if you are impatient like me, pop into a pot of boiling water. In both cases take out when the insides have softened.

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

Once soft take out and leave to cool.

Whilst your squash is chillin’, grab the courgette, grate it and add the spring onions (you can use another type of onion or leek and could add garlic if not on a Low FODMAP diet) then season with a pinch of salt and pepper (smoked paprika and chilli flakes also work if you like it hot).

If you have not already turn on the oven to 180.

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

Now that the squash has cooled, scoop out the inside.

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

Put in a pot and mash.

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

Multi-task by placing the squash outers back in the oven.

Now add the courgette and onion mix to the pot with the mashed insides, turn hob to a medium/high heat.

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

Add enough brie (or other cheese) to bind the mix together; once melted in take off the heat

Remove skins from oven and after about 5-10 mins reunite the squash innards back into its skins.

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

Place back in oven until they begin to go golden.

And you are done!!

I served these with homemade wedges and a side salad.

Stuffed Squash Emma Inks Blog

I am always open to suggestion on how to improve a recipe so please feel free to leave any hints and tips below.

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