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What better way to beat the winter blues than to head to Los Angeles the day after Christmas to embark on a USA road trip, though I had an absolutely amazing holiday I did learn a few things whilst on the road.

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog

1) The hire car you pick online will probably not be the one that you get but you will get to choose from similar models.

2) You will wait so long to collect a car you will not care what you get.

3) Automatic may be ‘simple’ to drive but they will make up for this by having a billion gadgets with no guidebook, we found at least one surprise everyday.

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog

4) Roads in America are long….

5) Car snacks and water are essential unless you want to eat your fellow passengers.

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog

6) Taking a look on a map to see where food stops and gas stations are before setting off is not boring but would have helped to ease a lot of tension later down the road when we were running low on either type of fuel.

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog

7) Create a decent playlist that you all contribute to, sometimes the highways will look the same for a very long time so a driver friendly distraction is much needed.

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog

8) Take wipes and hand sanitiser. I don’t want to sound like an over prepared mum but at some point in the trip you will have needed the toilet for such a long time even a port-a-loo outside a sketchy gas station on the edge of the desert will seem appealing. The aforementioned will help wash off the shame.

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog

9) Don’t be fooled by the pretty sounding named of places, Peaches was not a nice place to stop for lunch and seemed to be a town that mainly consisted of a large penitentiary.

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog

10) Don’t be too concerned with timescales. We didn’t have a strict plan, which meant the we could stop off to see road-side attractions. Some of these unscheduled stops such as Hackberry General Store and Peggy Sue’s 1950 Diner┬áturned out to be unexpected highlights of the trip.

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog

11) Embrace the madness, the lack of sleep, confined space and long hours on the road get to everyone. Don’t fight the lunacy, scream, shout, sing, laugh uncontrollably or get out the car and run around a deserted road – it’s all part of the fun!

USA Road Trip Emma Inks Blog





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