Aviemore, Scotland

Wild camping sounds a lot more adventurous than it actually is, especially considering we own a Mazda Bongo, it simply means we are too cheap to book a site and pitch up wherever takes our fancy.

After a chilled out couple of days in Dundee it was time to take in some of the beautiful Scottish countryside and set off to Aviemore. With a variety of extreme sports, stunning scenery and a friendly atmosphere it is one of my favourite places to escape to whilst in Scotland.


After a quick half at The Old Bridge Inn a traditional wee pub right next to the river, it was off to pick up camping supplies – meat (veggie sausages for me) and booze, the obvious essentials for an successful camping trip.

Parking up at Loch Morlich we lit the BBQ and raised a toast just as the rain began to fall. Huddling in the trees, and  later around the roaring fire, the weather didn’t dampen our spirits (see what I did there).


With no phone signal and the silence of the countryside it was lovely to enjoy the tranquillity that is so different to our lives in the big smoke.



The next morning I awoke early to a stunning view of the snow topped mountains reflected in the still lake, unfortunately my body did not get on with the outdoors as much as me and my face had swollen to the size of a balloon. I did not want to get mistaken for an ogre by the locals (we have all seen how poor Shrek was treated) so we made a quick get-away to Fife to see my mum and get some antihistamines.


Last stop was Edinburgh to catch up with the other half’s family. Another evening filled with wine cheese, doggy cuddles and then a lovely brunch with Pablo’s sister. Our four days of food, family and friends had come to an end and it was time to crash back into reality with a 10 hour journey in our smelly van.

I do not visit Scotland often but when I do it is always a chaotic trying to squeeze in time with everyone I want to see. This is definitely not a bad problem to have and I feel lucky to come from such a beautiful country with truly great outdoors, vibrant cities and  so many friends and family members who happily make themselves available.

Are you guys fans of the outdoors? If so do you have any tips on where we should camp next?

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