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Moon Child

I am the worst model in the world, it is not something that comes naturally to me and is a painstaking procedure for my poor boyfriend/photographer.

Though I hate being in front of the camera I do love clothes and prefer seeing how items look on normal girls as opposed to high fashion models.



I know that it is really near to Christmas but I kind of went for a witchy look after eventually receiving my Gypsy Warrior moon beanie that the Post Office highjacked.



You may also have noticed that I have dyed my hair from brown and caramel to a greeny/blue. As I am not really allowed vibrant colours at my day job I tend to go a little crazy when I have any leave. Instead of my standard hair chalk, this time I went for Bleach Washed Up Mermaid which only lasting 2-10 washes is perfect for my xmas break from the office.



I think what really tips the witch vibes over the edge are these creepy cat socks I found whilst shopping in Tesco, they are so ugly they have gone full circle and become cool again.


Dress H&M, Moon Beanie Gyspsy Warrior, Tights Next, Septum Ring Dixi, Boots H&M,


What do you guys think – a little too costume, or cool?


  1. jordynmyah says:

    So cool. I often go for the costume vibe. Actually once I had a bunch of stuff hang-drying around my apartment, and a friend came over and asked if I was planning out a Halloween costume. So I say go all out on the witchy front.

    1. Emma says:

      So glad that it is not just me!!

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