Is It All About The Numbers?

I am going to jump straight in on this one as it is a question that has been niggling at me for a while now. Obviously I know that in order to make a career from blogging it has to be commercially viable. That will come as a result of collaboration between bloggers, PR’s and brands, however, the constant sell sell sell was making me feel as if I was in The Beast Doesn’t Include Selling Out scene in Waynes World.

This became even more apparent when I attended one of my first events as a blogger. Getting an invite was a huge deal for me, the words I wrote in my own little reality had manifested into the physical world and someone beyond my friends and family actually classed me as a blogger.

After this initial excitement passed I realised that attending events had as many cons at they did pros. I felt out of my depth but mustered up the courage to talk to some lovely people and brands which was a huge positive, yet despite this I left with a feeling of frustration. Some (not all) bloggers were grabbing at gifts and requesting freebies with such a sense of entitlement that it made my stomach turn, was this how I was expected to behave to be a ‘successful’ blogger?


Hustling brands which I had no connection with simply because they were offering freebies and might feature me on their social media was not why I started writing.

It was not just these bloggers that shocked me but also some (again, not all) of the companies; often the first question was “how many followers do you have?”. I totally understand that a brand wants to advertise on a large platform but I think that it also makes sense to engage with an audience that fits the companies style and ethos, how could they tell anything about me from a few numbers?

I hated the fact that I left events feeling as if I was only a number in a corporate machine. I write a blog where I share the things I love and my opinions, it is a part of me that I open up to the world which apparently did not matter as long as I had enough followers. This insight into the business side of blogging left me confused about my place in the online world. I really did want to push Emma Inks forward but did not want to give into this type of ugly mass consumerism.

At first I felt very disillusioned, my initial reaction was to crawl back into my own virtual reality and not attend events in the future. Then, as always in my typically ironic life, I was invited to take part in a variety of interesting opportunities; thinking that maybe I had been a little rash throwing in the towel so quickly I anxiously RSVP’d to the ones I found the most attractive.

I am so glad that I followed my gut and did not give up at the first hurdle because only two weeks into 2015 and I have met some lovely like minded people in both my cyber and real worlds. I hope that the rest of the year continues at this pace however even if it does not I am going to continue to do my own thing and won’t turn into one of those “people who just do things because they get paid”.


  1. themayfairy says:

    THIS! I’m so sad it took me a month to find this! I’ve felt exactly this way on numerous occasions. The feeling of contributing to something soulless is hideous and it sucks all the fun out of blogging. I do it for the love of writing. If a company wants to invite me some place I don’t mind coz it helps me to create content but it really has to be something I want to write about because the last thing I need is yet another chore! Ugh.

  2. Ralph Marion says:

    You nailed it. This is exactly why I blog myself. Would I love to make a living off from my blog? Of course. The only thing is I want to be myself and blog about stuff that would be related to me and not just to advertise something just to get a paycheck. I don’t want to just advertise lipstick or something I wouldn’t use everyday myself.

    1. Emma says:

      There is so much pressure to get involved in becoming an advert for brands to gain popularity but I feel strongly that there are so many other avenues for this type of selling and blogging is a place to express yourself, a pay-check would be nice though

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