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Living in a city as exciting as London means that I have a lot of visitors. One of the downfalls of having, what sometime feels like a constant stream of guests is coming up with ways to keep them entertained. This is especially true with repeat guests such as my mum – there are only so many times that I can sell Brick Lane and Borough Market as the best places before it gets repetitive and it is obvious that I have run out of ideas.


Though I see The Walkie Talkie (otherwise known as 20 Fenchurch Street) everyday from my office I had not considered visiting it until I discovered that within the glassy exterior held three stories of plant life with exceptional views.


Being uncharacteristically organised I looked up the average time of the sunset on the evening that we were visiting and reserved our free tickets online for 6pm.


Arriving just before our allotted time, we had our tickets and ID checked before going through metal detectors and then squeezing into a speedy express lift that took us straight to the main foyer, where people were sipping on cocktails.



Instead of joining in with the drinking we thought it was best to take advantage of our botanical surrounds. I have an appreciation for nature but have never been into artificially placed plants, despite this I have to admit the garden was pretty.



Though not particularly enamoured by the greenery the views spanning across the Thames and beyond were spectacular.


One benefit of the ticketing system was that though busy, there was enough room to take in our surroundings without feeling overcrowded.


Heading back down the stairs to The Sky Pod Bar we pondered over the surprisingly averagely priced menu. There was variety of snacks and well presented cocktails on offer however we decided to keep it simple with a large glass of wine.


We took a seat at the back of building, looking down on the Gherkin as the sun faded over London.



Though not a typical ‘Garden’, The Sky Garden this greenhouse in the sky was a beautiful bar to take in the London sights from a height.

Sky Garden
20 Fenchurch Street, London
0333 772 0020



  1. Laura says:

    Well you learn something new everyday! I walk past the Walkie Talkie building whenever I work out of London and I had no idea what it was called… or that you could actually do all of this there – one night after work I’m going to have to go there now x

    1. Emma says:

      Please let me know if you do, it really has some great views and is a little different from your average bar.

  2. Milly Y says:

    The Sky Garden looks absolutely amazing – I really want to go! Annoyingly, a lot of my non-London friends have tailed off on the visiting side a bit so I have to coerce the locals into doing all the ‘touristy’ bits with me. The views from the garden are absolutely incredible – I think if I can’t grab someone to go with, I might just take some me-time and chill up there for a bit. Either way, I HAVE to go!

    1. Emma says:

      If you need a buddy I am always up for a wee wine with a view.

  3. Love your photographs! I really enjoyed my visit last week … you’re lucky to have caught the sunset as well!

    1. Emma says:

      Thank you, it is a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

  4. misspond says:

    Oh my god! I definitely have to go here 🙂 *adds to ‘to visit’ list!*

    1. Emma says:

      Do it! If you want a buddy I would happily go back

  5. Charlotte says:

    I am well excited for Sunday! I’ve seen nothing but wonderful photos from this place 🙂


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