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Visiting Disneyland, Paris

Working for myself it is often difficult to fully switch off and drag myself away from my laptop, that is why on this visit to Paris my boyfriend and I decided to head to Disneyland in search of an escape from reality where neither of us could be distracted by wifi.

Staying out at Versailles we purchased a day ticket for zones 1-5 that would take us across Paris for the reasonable price of around €15. It took just over an hour (and a couple of trains) to reach Disney. I always prefer getting pubic transport rather than package deals as it helps to see another side of a city, good or bad.


Though we held off visiting until Monday (to try and avoid the crowds) there were, of course, hoards of people, so we queued and purchased our tickets (which were more expensive on the door than online – note to self be more organised). Paying for both parks we decided to start with Walt Disney Studios. Walking through a large movie studio style building I was mesmerised by the glossy neon light which reminded me of a tiny Las Vegas, another one of my favourite fantasy lands.

Emma Inks Disneyland Studio Theme Park Paris France

Entering into a burst of rain we bypassed the familiar Tower of Terror and made a B-Line for the Rock and Rollercoaster.

Tower of Terror Disneyland Paris

Number 27 on my 30 b4 30 list was to go on a roller coaster and keep my eyes open, I felt like I may be able to achieve this with the help of some soothing tunes from Aerosmith. Standing in line for over an hour with some bad early 00’s rock I felt sick with nerves, but once I made it through to the fake recording studio Steven Tyler’s enthusiasm encouraged me enough to take my seat.

Rock Roller Coaster Disneyland Paris

Emma Inks Disneyland Studio Theme Park Paris France

The ride was stomach churningly fast, but with Dude (Looks Like A Lady) blaring I kept my eyes wide open and even sang along. The only negatives were that it was over way too quickly, and using only one track seemed lazy to me; it would have been great if they had done a mashup that was in time with the ride to make it more of an experience and worth the wait.

Disneyland Studio Paris France

We continued to walk around the small studio park but, to be honest, it lacked that Disney magic that I was in search of.


The entire place, was small, a bit dirty, there was nothing enchanting about it. The only thing I can compare to is shopping in Primark – you get what you went for but there is no joy in doing so.


Feeling a bit downtrodden we gave up on the studios and made our way next door to Disneyland Park where we hoped to find a little more sparkle. The second we arrived through the big pink archway we heard an incredibly cheesy yet catchy song which was blaring out the back of a float filled with characters.

Emma Inks Disneyland Theme Park Paris France Parade

I could not help but bob along as we followed the waving plush characters through Main Street, though sickeningly cutesy this was a little more like the Disney I remembered and secretly had been hoping for.

Emma Inks Disneyland Theme Park Paris France Pirate Ship

Heading towards the enchanted castle we did Disney my style and instead of following the crowds through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle to Fantasy Land we took a left heading straight for Adventure Isle.

Skull Rock Disneyland Paris


Off we went on an adventure sailing with Pirates and surviving the Temple of Doom just like Indiana Jones, before we popped in to the castle to catch one of my other favourite characters: Maleficent.

Emma Inks Disneyland Theme Park Paris France

Castle Disneyland Paris

I have never been very into princesses so once again skirted around the fairytale attractions to instead shoot some aliens with Buzz Lightyear.

Emma Inks Disneyland Theme Park Paris France Buzz Lightyear

Emma Inks Disneyland Theme Park Paris France

It got to the point where we were bored of continuously queuing and tired of our intrepid exploits so called it a day pretty early, but not before grabbing an over priced beer inside the Planet Hollywood Globe.

Emma Inks Planet Hollywood Paris France

Emma Inks Planet Hollywood Paris France

We may not do Disney like your average couple but we definitely found that sense of wonderment and escapism that I think everyone is in search for in such theme parks.

Have you guys been to Disneyland? What did you think? What do you do when you need a little break from reality?


  1. Macy says:

    I am going to Disneyland Paris next month during our honeymoon. I can’t wait! I’m so thankful for this post because I was feeling like there may not be the enchantment as other parks, so now I’ll try and not get my hopes up and take it all in 🙂

  2. Charlotte says:

    I’ve been to Disneyland once, when I was about 16, so probably a bit too old to really take it in and enjoy as much as if I’d been 5 years old. I did really enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean ride though!

    I think my form of escapism is going to gigs in London. I’m into a variety of music, so each one is different to the last 🙂


  3. adales8 says:

    I haven’t gone to Disneyland Paris because when I was little I went to the big one in Florida and thought it was the most magical thing ever. (And still kind of believe that). I’ve been scared that if I go to Disneyland Paris, it would make me doubt the awesomeness of my memories of DisneyWorld 😉 xx

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