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Yelp Blog School at The Botanist

School is not somewhere I enjoyed spending time, but when crowdsource restaurant review site Yelp invited me along to The Botanist for Blog School over bottomless brunch, I was willing to give it a shot.

The Botanist Broadgate Circle

The Botanist is a small chain of bars and restaurant serving up modern British and European food, though the Broadgate Circle branch I visited reminded me more of a classy East Coast American place, with its large central bar and dark wooden & bronze interior.


Whilst waiting for the other bloggers arrive I grabbed a rich black coffee to make sure that I was alert for the start of class. Once the rest of the small group filtered in through the glass fronted building we took our seats and after quick introductions Frankie, our first speaker, began.


I met Frankie at my first foodie meetup and is a lady who I have so much respect for. Her blog is a wealth of both information and personality, which is something that I strive for; she has also been a huge support to me as a newbie blogger. I cannot articulate her fantastic tips as well as she can, so if you want to learn about why your blog is a brain slug and more head over to themayfairy.com.


Next up was Nathan to talk us through food photography, something that I definitely want to improve on. The main focus was on taking pictures of food at home which will be useful when I eventually get my act together and share the recipes that I keep on promising.


Class adjourned, it was time to order our three courses and get tucked into the bottomless brunch. The food service took a while as The Botanist is a popular weekend spot but the servers kept our glasses of prosecco topped up (which you might have seen on my vlog) whilst I caught up with Katy, Leanne and Frankie, as well as getting to know Ayushi.


As our first course arrived a rather cool looking guitarist, who loved Taylor Swift (because, who doesn’t) provided  us with  background music which created a lighthearted environment. I started out with avocado and chilli on toast (without the smoked bacon) which came served with a wedge of charred lime, and sprinkled with cress. The dish was a delicious brunch classic, however, it would have been nice to have been offered something as an alternative to the bacon instead of just removing it.


If I was to go back I think I would go for the Eggs Benedict / Florentine which looked amazing, and was a perfect portion size for a starter.


As I am not used to eating three courses, I kept things light with a simple goat’s cheese salad for my main dish.


I am not typically a desert person but knowing that I would feel envious when the other’s were put on the table, I choose to try the treacle tart which was too sickly for my savoury palate but was a sweet tooth’s dream.


My first Yelp event was hugely successful with great company and food, I just wish that my school could have been this engaging and I might have turned up more often.

The Botanist 
5 Broadgate Circle,

020 3058 9888


  1. Sounds both delicious and fascinating!

  2. themayfairy says:

    Such a fun day! What was your first blog event where I met you??? I can’t remember, it just seems like you’ve always been around… was it the Chinese afternoon tea? That was my first time properly meeting Leanne as well. It was something else I’m sorry for being a sieve! xx

    1. Emma says:

      It was the Chinese afternoon tea, I was shitting myself but I met so many awesome bloggers that day

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