Vlogmas Week Three

I have made it over the vlogmas half way hump! Week three was taken over by last minute Christmas panic which, thankfully, has now passed without too much drama.

Vlogmas Day 15

Pablo and I decorating our Christmas tree with random crap that we found around the house because we are too cheap to buy decorations.

Vlogmas Day 16

An evening out in Carnaby street as Charlie’s +1 where we grabbed a pizza to line our stomachs before getting drunk by eating sweets.

Vlogmas Day 17

LDNmeetup secret santa present swap at my favourite venue,Winter Wonderland at Hyde park, to get in the Christmas mood.

Vlogmas Day 18

One of those days where nothing went to plan and I talked to the camera about it (get your teeny tiny violin ready).

Vlogmas Day 19

A Christmassy day out to the Hackney Empire Pantomime and pub before heading home and making a cosy den to watch movies in.

Vlogmas Day 20

Attempting to battle the Oxford Street crowds and get my Christmas shopping done.

Vlogmas Day 21

Getting my shit together before heading on the Sleeper train back to Scotland for Christmas to officially begin.

You can catch up with previous weeks here, here or on my YouTube channel.

What have you guys been up to this past week? Is your Christmas planning as last minute as mine?

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