Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Finally, the makeup tutorial I have been promising since starting my YouTube channel, has made it onto the Internet.

I have tried to film this video a few times but didn’t feel brave enough to put it online, but with a new year I decided to be bold and simply go for it! One of the main reasons I started my channel was to talk more about beauty and challenge myself – this video meets both of these goals; baring my naked face on camera is a weirdly big deal for me. I wear makeup everyday and I have done since I was about 13. It’s my mask, makes me feel confident and is something I do not leave the house without. Though this reliance on makeup is not harming anyone, this year I want to reduce my dependence on makeup so that it once again becomes purely for pleasure rather than the feeling that I NEED to wear it.

I am aware that this video is far from perfect, but I am glad I have finally put it out there and I hope that at least some of you find this tutorial useful as I am planning way more.

This is just my basic everyday routine but I do love experimenting, so if there is a specific look you would like to see please let me know. I also love to switch up my makeup pretty often so if you have any suggestions for products I should try please leave them in the comments.


  1. Elle says:

    Ahh congratulations on starting a channel and filming this video hun, I loved it! Your makeup looks beautiful <3


    1. Emma says:

      Thanks so much Elle!

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