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Vlogmas Overview

Vlogmas is over, which means I completed 31 consecutive days of uploading videos to YouTube!

Before starting my channel I had never edited a video, knew nothing about using a camera and, before vlogmas, I didn’t film myself outside the comforts of my home. So why the hell would I set myself such a challenge? I always want to improve and wasn’t content with just plodding along filming in my room and wanted to take the opportunity to improve. I also had an exciting December planned so it seemed like the perfect time to start a crash course in filming and editing.

My month began in New York, a city filled with inspiration, art and interesting people so it was an excellent way to ease myself into the vlogging process. Although there was plenty to film, my nerves still got the better of me and, looking back, there were so many key moments I wish I had been gutsy enough to shoot. Heading back to the UK was when I thought the real challenge would begin but London is always exciting over the festive periods, with plenty of events, and twinkly lights to shoot.

The main hinderance to my December filming was the need to Christmas shop, a boring task and not something that makes for particularly interesting viewing, but a must do. Thankfully this arduous task was broken up with my first trip to Birmingham, a vibrant city with plenty of shops and a colourful Christmas market.

With all the Christmas preparation complete it was time for the final trip of the year, heading back to Scotland on the sleeper train. Once back in my homeland most of our time was spent catching up with friends and family, finished off with an amazing trip to Mull.

Being almost permanently attached to a camera in December I was been asked lots of questions so thought I would answer some of them in today’s post.


  • Mainly to challenge myself and learn more about both filming and editing.
  • To gain confidence in filming outside.
  • To experiment with story telling through a different medium.

Did you gain lots of new follows?

The short answer is no, I got a few new subscribers but they did not flock in their thousands, however, I am sure that by daily sharing videos at least a few more people are aware that I have a channel. As a side note, my channel (like my blog) are places to express myself so I don’t see not hitting big numbers as a failure, though I totally appreciate everyone that does stop by.

Did you enjoy daily vlogging?

Though at some points I did question why the hell I had ever put myself in the position of trying to balance, daily vlogging, weekly YouTubing, Blogging and a full time job at the most sociable time of the year I really did enjoy it. I got myself into a nice routine of filming and editing – even if nobody else watches them I have lovely snippets of my life to look back on.

What did you learn?

  • I learned that I can manage 3 types of content and having a life – as long as I am organised.
  • I am now super speedy at editing.
  • The worst thing is having too little footage, so film everything!
  • People are manly so self obsessed they don’t even notice you talking to yourself in public.
  • Most people are happy to let you film if you either ask or act like you have a lot of confidence.
  • Having no time to overthink in this fast process meant that my content had much more feeling and gave a proper insight into my life instead of feeling orchestrated. Basically I need to relax and let my blog and videos become a natural process instead of over editing.
  • I have given up on so many 30 day challenges (usually food or exercise related) but I do have the determination to complete something if I am actually passionate about it.

What Now?

After an entire month of vlogging you’d think I would be over it, but actually I have got used to keeping this kind of visual diary so I have decided that as well as my Wednesday YouTube video I will also be uploading a weekly vlog on a Sunday.

Have you guys ever tried a 30 day challenge? Were you successful?


  1. Leanne says:

    Yay! More Emma on YouTube, I approve 😀 x

    1. Emma says:

      I am glad you are happy about it x

  2. What a gorgeous looking wedding and so fun at the end… I wish my Scottish side of the family would have a big wedding so we can do this! I haven’t done a 30 day challenge but before Christmas I decided that I was going to Intagram daily and that’s turned out to be quite a feat – I’ve missed an odd day but on the whole have found it really rewarding. I also know how long editing a video takes so all the props to you for 30 straight days of that!!!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. Emma says:

      It was one of the most perfect days I have been to and I felt very lucky to be invited to be a part of it. I have also been trying to instagram at least once a day it is so tough!

  3. Kirsty says:

    Your Vlogmas and this blog post have really inspired me to give it a try 😊

    1. Emma says:

      That is so awesome to hear, you should totally go for it and send me a link when you do

  4. themayfairy says:

    I love how much confidence you have with your YouTube channel. I’m very envious xxx

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