Vichy Dermablend Review

Having breakout prone skin makes me really self conscience and is one of the reasons I am a makeup base addict. I love trying new products out to see how they cover up and create different looks with my skin, but Dermablend is the one brand that I always have in my collection.

I first heard of the brand back in 2011 when they released a  video covering up all of Zombie Boy tattoo’s using Dermablend Leg and Body cover. The high coverage was super impressive but it was not until I was visiting Macy’s in New York that I discovered that the brand did not just do tattoo and scar coverup but a full range of makeup. At this point my skin was particularly bad and I was hiding under layers of foundation which made my skin look unnatural and aggravated the problem. Though I knew that my thick camouflage was not a long term solution I was far to self conscience to go out without a full mask on.

Vichy Dermablend

Talking to the makeup artist at Dermablend she offered to do my foundation for me; taking my makeup off in public was not something I was comfortable with but she was very encouraging and eventually I agreed. Practically having to scrape my makeup off with a spatula she replaced my cakey layers with a light layer of foundation. Feeling the small amount she was placing on my skin I felt panicked, how was expected to go out with my acne ridden skin showing? Holding up the mirror I was shocked at how high coverage such a small amount of product had achieved, and how natural my skin looked.

I purchased two tubes straight away but on returning to the UK Dermablend I discovered that this brand was harder to come by than just strolling in to your nearest department store, that was until Vichy Dermblend hit the shelves. This collaboration brought together the skincare knowledge of Vichy and coverage of Dermablend making it even better than the original, in my opinion.

Vichy Dermblend Corrective Foundation Fluid, is lightweight letting the skin breath whilst still giving great coverage due to it high concentration of pigments. It is easily buildable, blends beautifully and leaves a smooth matte finish that lasts all day without caking. The high SPF also makes it the perfect base for coming into summer.

To increase longevity the foundation Dermablend Mineral Setting Powder gives added hold and reduces any left over shine. I like this powder but if overused can leave a bit of a white finish. I find that the best way to apply is with the included powder puff, then lightly brushed off with a powder brush.

Vichy Dermablend

Vichy Dermablend have recently relaunched their fluid foundation with sleek black packaging and additional colours, making it even more accessible. They also just introduced Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation which aims to improve oily and acne-prone skin in only one layer. Though I have not yet sampled this one it is high on my wish list after seeing how gorgeous it looked on Melanie Murphy.

Have you tried Dermablend, or do you have another favourite for covering up breakout prone skin?

*both of these products were sent to me by L’Oreal to review however, as always, all words and opinions are my own.


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