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Timber Yard Soho

I find working at home distracting and unproductive so have been scouring London for the best places to get my blog on. I have found my East London office away from home at The Canvas Cafe but somewhere I always struggle to find desk space is in Central London.

Though I could pitch up at Starbucks (or another chain) I prefer to stick with independents, they have so much more personality and I find create a much more inspirational atmosphere to work from.

Timber Yard Soho

Last week I was wandering around Soho aimlessly looking for somewhere with a bit of soul to blog from when Pablo suggested we check out Timber Yard a creative hub right in the heart of central London.

Timber Yard Soho

As we walked up Noel Street, Timber Yard’s large glass front revealed a cool coffee shop awash with people typing away on their  Macbooks and catching up with friends. I always get a little nervy about going into trendy places alone so was glad to have Pablo with me for my first visit to this obviously hip hangout.

A place with personality and plug sockets is such a rarity in town that it was packed, but the staff (obviously used to the coffee shops popularity) happily helped us to find a spot to settle down.

Timber Yard Soho

Arriving late in the afternoon many of the lunch items had sold out but there were still plenty of light bites and cakes to choose from as well as a wide range of coffee and speciality teas. Not feeling particularly hungry we shared a piece of warm, creamy vegetable packed quiche and a slice of dense malteser topped blondie cake.

Timber Yard Soho

To wash it down Pablo opted for a latte but, already feeling over caffeinated, I diverted from my usual americano and instead choose a fresh mint tea.


The coffee was strong smooth and frothy, just as Pablo likes them, but it was my tea which really stole the show served in a insane glass diffuser. All of this was brought over to our table on a wooden block not only making it perfectly Instagrammible but also practical to clear everything away when we were ready to start work.

Timber Yard Soho

I have always been terrible at working in silence so the bustling atmosphere and people coming and going made for a perfect environment for me to get blogging. Quiet, characterless places make me feel unimaginative where as the mixture of art work, interesting clientele, and quality food and drink from local artisans at Timber Yard kept me both motivated and fuelled.
Timber Yard Soho

Pablo and I tucked ourselves away at a two person table so that we could talk through some joint projects we are working on but feeling confident after such a successful first visit I think on my return I will hop on one of the sharing tables. If you prefer somewhere more private to work there is also a bench that runs around the room, individual tables, a members area and private meeting rooms that can be used.

IMG_1804 (1)

If you are not a workaholic and just want to somewhere to relax in central London there are also plenty of comfortable seats to chill out on and a full events programme for something a little different.

This is not the only Timber Yard in London, they also have a second location in near by at Seven Dials, which I plan on checking out very soon.

Do you prefer the peace of a designated workspace or are you a bit of a working nomad like me?

Timber Yard Soho
4 Noel Street

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  1. Leanne says:

    I’ve walked past the one near Seven Dials loads but always been to scared to go in cos I’m not cool enough lol x

    1. Emma says:

      If I am cool enough you are 100% cool enough and also all the staff were so lovely

  2. Hubby and I decided to try more independents cafes and the like when we moved to Canada. I wish we did so in London too.

    1. Emma says:

      You are moving to Canada that is so exciting we are hopefully heading there this year

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