Crate Brewery and Pizzeria, Hackney Wick

A year after moving to London my friend introduced me to Hackney Wick and my love for living East was firmly ingrained into my heart. Making my way through the industrial area covered in street art I met him at Counter Cafe which, to this day, is my favourite brunch spot.

Almost five years later and Hackney Wick still remains my favourite places in London. Despite this, I don’t share all the amazing places housed within this small, small part of East London because, selfishly, I wanted to keep it a secret part of London. However, judging by how long it now takes me to get a drink at one of the bars I regularly prop up, out the secret is out. So I thought I would share another one of my favourite places.

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick

Crate Brewery is the second eatery I came across in Hackney Wick and is the one I frequent the most. The canal side brewery and pizza place is housed on the bottom of The White Building, a hub for art and creativity on the edge of Regents Canal.

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick

Making things from scratch is a running theme throughout Crate, including the interior which is completely up-cycled – fitting in with the industrial and artist warehouse surroundings.

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick

Though they serve other drinks, for me  the beers (which are now sold all over London) are the shining star of the bar. There are a few staples on the menu such as the Lager, Wheat, IPA, Porter, Rye, Stout, and Golden but they also offer limited edition batches created in the small 5 barrel brew kit within the building.

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick

I am an absolute pizza fiend and am going to make the bold statement that Crate is one of my favourite places for pizza in all of London. Hand rolled, paper thin bases cooked in a high temperature stone oven within an open kitchen behind the bar. The toppings are nontraditional but super fresh and delicious; my favourite is the Sweet Potato, Stilton and Walnut, closely followed by the Sage and Truffle.

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick

Sitting canal side (or in the car park behind Crate) with a pint in one hand and pizza in the other is my happy place.

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick

Crate offers an amazing balance of simplicity and innovation as well as having an interesting and engaging clientele. This has been my favourite spot to hang out for the past four years but with the growth in popularity (and the Olympic regeneration project) the area is rapidly changing and developers are sadly beginning to put there generic stamp on Hackney Wick, pushing out the artist community that made it unique and special in the first place.

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick

My advice would be to hop on the overground and grab yourself a pizza and a pint before it disappears.

Crate Brewery and Pizzeria
Unit 7, Queens Yard,
Hackney Wick,
London, E9 5EN


  1. jessieann48 says:

    This looks amaaaazing I can’t even describe! xo
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Emma says:

      It is one of my favourite places in London I love everything about it

  2. misspond says:

    Oh my! What an incredible way to spend an evening, those pizzas look delicious!!

    1. Emma says:

      They are so good we should go when you are next in London

  3. Claire says:

    I need to spend more time in that part of town, for sure – catch up and Hackney Wick fun once I’m back from hols?

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