Monthly Round-Up | August

August has been yet another busy month so I thought I would do a bit more of a chatty post to update you guys on what I have been up to.

Finally I have been able to put my beauty spending on hold, only picking myself up a Bleach Reincarnation Mask and NYX Soft Creme Matte in Berlin which I think shows a lot of self constraint on my part. This lack of spending was helped by being invited along to the SEVETEEN press day where not only did I get a preview of their newest collection but also got a generous bag of product samples to take home. I have been really impressed by many of the budget brand’s makeup and will give you a full update on my favourites next month.

Though I was reserved with beauty in August I did treat myself to a few fashion pieces. First off was the spontaneous purchase of a leather jacket from All Saints. Walking past Brick Lane I could not resist the huge sample sale sign and within five minutes I had unnecessarily splurged on my new favourite jacket. Next up were a few basics; anytime I am in Europe I have to go into Weekday, and Amsterdam was no different. I could have gotten way more but my hand luggage only packing restricted me to two t-shirts and some underwear. Admittedly all the purchases I made were wants not needs, but a girl can never have too many staple items.

Amsterdam was definitely a highlight of my month, celebrating my friend’s 30th; 10 of us stayed on the most gorgeous house boat and spent our weekend exploring the city at a relaxed pace. The break was just what I needed after a hard mental health week and set me on the right track for the rest of the month.

Though the weather was far from perfect during our weekend away (with almost constant rain) it did give me the chance to wear another one of my favourite clothing items in August: my new Adidas jacket from Scotts, which was perfect for keeping me dry as well as looking cool (it featured in my latest outfit post if you want to have a gander).

Talking of rain, this sporadic weather has taken me back to one of my favourite places – the cinema. Pablo and I hid from the drizzle and eventually caught Star Trek on the big screen, which was an amazing couple of hours of escapism.

Another major highlight of this month has to be my internet buddies. After going into a bit of a crisis of confidence they unknowingly lifted my spirits. I had a blast with some of my blogging besties exploring Monica’s apartment at Friendsfest and also made some new friends at the Girl Gang event.

In other blogging news, I made it onto the Bloggers Blog Awards shortlist for Best New Blogger On The Block – which was a complete surprise to me. I honestly can’t believe anyone took the time to nominate me and cannot wait to meet so many awesome bloggers at the awards in October. If you want to vote for any of your favourites you can over on Hayley’s blog.

September looks to be another packed month with a few great events and a trip to Vienna. Our month long trip to America/Canada is also getting closer so I am going to have to go on major saving mode and sell everything I don’t need on eBay! Little spending means that my round-up might be another random mix next month, but hopefully you guys don’t mind.

I would love to hear what you guys have been loving this month so let me know in the comments.

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