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Big Bus Sightseeing Tour Vienna

After spending our first day in Vienna shopping I was desperate for some culture, so we headed out a little earlier and went to Vollpension, a shabby chic basement café offering up breakfast dishes named after family members.

This place really feels like a groovy grandma’s house, with mismatched comfortable chairs, flowers and old photos on the wall. The baked goods are so fresh that the ladies make them in full view of the dining room floor in their small colourful ovens.

Vienna Cafe Emma Inks

I went for the vegan option and really enjoyed the different pairing of flavours and textures but my mum wasn’t so sure about her ham, cheese and bread option. It’s a great place to go if you like baked goods and local delicacies, however if traditional UK is more your thing then there are plenty of alternative options in the area.

Vienna Vegan Breakfast Emma Inks

Taking the ten minute stroll to the stunning Vienna State Opera house we decided to take a Big Bus Tour to see as much of the city as possible. As soon as we got on the bus I remembered why I had not been on one of these in 6 years despite having visited many new cities: why is it when people are on holiday they forget that other humans exist?

Vienna Bus Tour Emma Inks

The tour itself was overpriced but allowed us to see the main attractions and learn a little about Vienna’s history. It was a hop on hop off bus but the only stop I forcefully insisted we had to get off at was the Prater so I could ride The Wiener Riesenrad. This is Vienna’s giant ferris wheel and is featured in The 3rd Man, I don’t know if I have mentioned my love for film much on Emma Inks but this was actually one of the films I studied at university so was really eager to check it out.

Vienna Ferris Wheel Emma Inks

I was expecting to just see The Wiener Riesenrad, but was delighted to see that there was also a deceptively large theme park to explore.

Vienna Prater Emma Inks

I don’t love rides but the colours and tat features in fun-fairs speak to me in so many ways and I had so much fun taking in all the weird and wonderful attractions.

Vienna Prater Emma Inks

Once again getting hit by a cash only barrier, my mum paid for my €9.50 ticket to ride the old train cart Ferris wheel and take in the city from up high.

Vienna Ferris Wheel Emma Inks

Getting back to ground level we stumbled across Wiener Wiesn-Fest and were surrounded by people in traditional dress, drinking beer and chowing down on Austrian dishes whilst enjoying music from one of the many brass bands. The atmosphere was fantastic and I loved sipping on an Edelweiss beer watching the celebrations take place.

Vienna Prater Festival Emma Inks

Vienna Prater Festival Emma Inks
Hopping back on the bus, we drove past Donauturm Tower and the UN site before heading back to the starting point of our red loop tour. Our ticket also included the blue loop tour so we caught one of the last buses and took the opportunity to see Schönbrunn Palace.

Vienna Street Emma Inks

By the time the tour finished the audio guide was getting repetitive and I was entirely over my fellow passenger, so I treated myself to the most incredible vegan ice cream from Veganista before taking my frustrations out at the gym.

Vienna Vegan Ice cream

My mum, not enjoying the traditional Austrian fare as much as me, requested to return to Margareta for our final supper.

Vienna red wine

The pizza was so good on our first visit; I went for the vegan option which did not disappoint. The service, once again, was fantastic and it was a nice way to finish our final evening.

Vienna Italian Restaurant

Having time for breakfast before heading on our way home we stopped by Budapest Bistro once again. This time I treated myself to the vegan breakfast which came with freshly baked bread, 2 types of hummus a small salad and a fruit salad topped with soy yoghurt.

Vienna Vegan Breakfast Emma Inks

There was plenty more I wanted to explore in Vienna but sadly it was time to leave.

Vienna Art Museum Emma Inks

Vienna is an opulent city filled with history, yet has a thriving modern population with no shortage of cool hangouts, great food and an impressive amount of vegan options.

This is a place that truly has something for everyone, the friendliest people and is somewhere I will be returning to further explore soon….

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