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Renting A Car In Los Angeles – Travel Diary Day 2

After a grey start to our trip to LA we awoke to sunshine breaking through the clouds, giving a glimpse of the Californian weather I was expecting. Typically, this was the day we were picking up our rental car, but before this we had a little time to walk around and grab some brunch.

Cafe Gratitude Interior LA

Today we ventured to Cafe Gratitude, a vegan place that is not for the sarcastic! Seated by a very friendly chap we both ordered a “COURAGEOUS” (black arabica coffee) before being asked the question of the day, which was “When was the last time you felt truly loved”. I was aware of the cafe’s dedication to the celebration of being alive but to Pablo it came as a bit of a surprise. As  soon as his “TRUSTING” breakfast hit the table he was easily convinced that these good vibes were a great way to start the day.

Cafe Gratitude LA

Art Venice LA

Feeling super happy after being in such a positive environment we took a stroll around cool shopping and dining area, Abbott Kinney, followed by the pretty Venice Canals.

Venice Canal LA

Eventually we reached Arbour, my favourite snowboard and skate brand, which had me drooling over boards. Located in pretty Marina Del Ray, Pablo and I took a walk down to the beach and, though the sun had appeared, we almost got blown over by the insane winds.

Arbour Boards LA

Time flew by and all too soon it was time to go and collect our rental car. This task required an Uber as we had made a complete error when booking; forgetting just how vast Los Angeles is we presumed that Enterprise Santa Monica Boulevard would be in Santa Monica, not West Hollywood. It wasn’t too big a deal as the cab ride was cheap and super easy.

Picking up our car there were of course stupid hidden costs adding £300 to out bill, but I couldn’t be too mad at Alex the sales guy as he was exceptionally friendly, had a Christmas jumper on and was simply the messenger of his company’s sneaky policies.

Our ride for the next month was a white Dodge Journey, not the car of my dreams (as I think that white cars look like kitchen appliances) however, aesthetics aside, it was super comfortable and we had our car which  is the first part to any successful road trip!

Pier Venice LA

I am a pretty laid back passenger but I HATE driving in LA, people are crazy and there is so much traffic and lane changing that it’s always a tense experience. Learning from our previous trip we took the ride home in small sections making a stop at half way at Soho House Beverly Hills.

Soho House Los Angeles

Soho House is a hidden private members club housed at the top of a large glassy sky scrapper allowing for panoramic views of LA. People were stereotypically cool and beautiful, but the house was super welcoming and I loved spending a couple of hours sipping on tea looking out over the vast city. Surrounded by such beauty, then driving by the palm tree lined mansions, I felt like I was inside a movie – until I was thrown quickly back into reality hitting the horror that is LA traffic!

Eventually making it home in one piece it was pretty late so we ate the rest of the cold pizza we had purchased from South End the night before then got our shit together, ready to hit the road early the next day.

Our 3 nights in LA were basically admin days and though the weather was insanely bad, and driving was not exactly fun, I loved chilling out by the beach, felt refreshed and ready to start our journey!

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