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Driving From LA to Phoenix – US Travel Diary 3

The road trip has officially begun! Our first journey was from LA to Phoenix, with a few quirky stops on the way.

I can’t start the day without being caffeinated so we popped back to Superba for a coffee and pastry from their in-house bakery, which we enjoyed in the car park whist setting up our final route. After a false start, and a quick U-Turn we were on the road!

One of my favourite parts of a road trip is the unexpected things that you see on the way. Watching the world go by out the window, landscapes gradually change from city to desert and, after a few, hours it was time to make our first detour to the Salton Sea.

This man made Lake was once dubbed the California Riviera and was teaming with holiday makers, but it now only houses a few remaining residences, and many fish bones. It might not be your average holiday destination but I was so captivated by this man made creation I had to write a full blog post on it.

After feeling like we had witnessed a glimpse into a post apocalyptic world we hopped  back into the car, excited to hit the road towards our next road side attraction.

In the middle of the desert lies a colourful hand made sculpture called Salvation Mountain, created by Leonard Knight, as a dedication to God. This place was so magical that I’m going to write a full post on it, but it was definitely worth the two hour addition to our route.

Next on the list of the day’s events were gas, food and, finally, Phoenix.

Stopping by a local gas station I visited a filthy road side toilet, which was the first marker that we were travelling and no longer on holiday. This sort of grime on the road might be off putting to some, but armed with hand sanitiser and used to life on the road I was well prepared for the less glamorous side of traveling in the states.

After a little help with our foreign credit card from some friendly locals we were fuelled and ready to get on with the rest of our journey. Driving along the same long, straight roads for what seemed like forever I was so glad we picked up gas because there was NOTHING around for hours!

More than ready to eat, Pablo and I eventually found a Subway which was much needed.

A further 2 hours in the car we finally made it to Phoenix as the sun was setting. Parking up outside our Airbnb we met our host for the night and were guided to our apartment. The bedroom looked more like a murder basement than I remembered from the pictures (I also didn’t recall getting a constant high from weed pumping through the vents being advertised as a feature) but it was somewhere to rest for the night, and after a long day that was all I was really after.

The other thing I was in need of was a decent meal, so without even bothering to freshen up we headed straight out to explore. Though it was now dark I felt perfectly safe walking around Roosevelt and only a few blocks down we stumbled across a few little independent places to eat and drink. Not feeling in a particularly social mood after a long day of travel we settled on Short Leash, a casual hot dog joint were I enjoyed a veggie chilli hotdog served in a flatbread.

Even on our shot walk Phoenix seemed to be full of art and have a young scene; I was looking forward to having a proper explore in the day but, after a 10 hour drive, I was ready to call it a night.


  1. jessthetics says:

    Your posts are making me want to jump on a plane back to America again! I LOVED Salvation Mountain so much but it was just too hot for me in September- hopefully the conditions were more bearable for you over winter. I also found the driving much more tiring than I was expecting and on a couple of stops we just fell straight asleep instead of heading out for the night of drinking that I was anticipating when were planning our trip. I’ve never been to Phoenix but I would love to go! xx


    1. Emma says:

      I want to go back so much! You are right driving is so tiring I don’t think we would do such long stretches if we were to plan again

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