Tips For Getting A Holiday Tattoo

Most people seek shelter in a museum or pub when they are faced with rain on holiday but not me. On a couple of occasions I have opted for a tattoo shop instead. Getting a permanent souvenir may seem like an extreme way to stay dry but the spontaneity and freedom of travel is what makes me so addicted to it. I will admit that there are many, many bad holiday tattoos out there, but it does not have to be that way!

So, to avoid getting ink that leaves a nasty scar instead of a cherished holiday memory, here is a roundup of my tips.

Do Your Research

A little research can give you information about the shop, an idea of what to get inked and help you find the right artist for you.

Remember That A Tattoo Is A Lifelong Commitment

It’s easy to forget about real life when you are on holiday but remember a tattoo is for life not just for your trip so think seriously about the commitment you are making.

Talk To Your Artist

Even if you do not speak the same language communicate with your artist so you both know exactly what you want and how much it is going to cost. Miscommunication can lead to some strange or expensive tattoo results.

Get A Tattoo For You

It’s easy to be pressured by friends, or make bold drunken statements whilst on holiday, but make sure you are getting inked for you and not because you feel that you have been backed into a corner.

Make Sure The Shop Is Clean

This may seem obvious but from personal experience (getting a piercing in a dodgy shop in Bangkok) normal standards can be lowered when abroad, so make sure that the shop you are getting inked in follow basic hygiene standards and best practices.

Remember Aftercare

It’s easy to forget that a tattoo needs care and attention afterwards, especially if you got one done spontaneously. If you are unsure about aftercare please follow tip 3 and talk to your artist.

Don’t Forget The Rules Because You Are On Holiday

Remember that this tattoo will be with you forever so obscenities, skipping the aftercare, a cheap deal, bad hygiene and holiday jokes might not seem like such a great idea when you return to reality.

Have you guys had any holiday tattoos or would you consider getting one?

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