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Independent Magazines You Need To Add To Your Reading List – Favourites #3

I love to read but being severely dyslexic books were always a huge task for me, so I found my solace in magazines. With their mix of imagery and words they were a great source of knowledge, entertainment and escapism.

Over the past 10 years I have thrown out trashy celebrity magazines and replaced them with independent, art and fashion ones instead. I never knew how much reading weekly gossip magazines was effecting my own perception of the world until I cut them out! Now, instead of wanting to buy all the latest items in store, comparing myself  to half naked b-list celebrities and treating stars’ personal life as entertainment, I now read about interesting people, art, and events from around the world. Here are just a few of the magazines I am loving right now;

Hello Mr.

Hello Mr’s tagline is ‘about men who date men’ and describes itself as a community starting a new conversation rather than just print. Now you may have noticed I am not a gay man but despite not being the target audience I still love this magazine. I was first introduced to Hello Mr whilst staying in Ace Hotel in New Orleans which had a stack of great indie mags in the room for guests to enjoy. Filled with art, stories, interviews and social commentary it is a beautifully curated piece of print which champions individuality.

Hello Mr magazine front cover

Hello Mr independent magazine
Hello Mr independent print interior
Hello Mr independent magazine close up


A small, female-led culture zine that packs in ethical beauty, new music, travel, and so many other interesting topics of conversation. Though tackling some big issues they balance it out with a great injections of wit and fun.

Sista independent zine cover

Sistra independent magazine
 Sistra indie zine interior
Sistra independent magazine

Things and Ink

I have mentioned Things and Ink a few times in the blog, and even featured in their blog, Thi-ink. This magazine takes an artistic approach to sharing tattoo culture, creating stunning editorial content. I always look forward to each issue, which has a unique theme, each page is filled with stunning imagery, interesting articles and celebrates all aspects of tattoo culture.

Things and Ink independent tattoo magazine

Things and Ink independent tattoo magazine spine
Things and Ink interior
Things and Ink independent tattoo magazine
Things and Ink independent tattoo magazine cover

Lady Fuzz

This is a cool little zine that focuses on “Records. Art. Lifestyle. and Fuzz”. I was introduced to Lady Fuzz by the awesome Erica and, of course, like everything she recommends I loved it. Black ink on off white paper in a hand written font it was reminiscent of the original punk zines from the late 70’s, a time period I am obsessed with. The lack of pigment does not mean lack of content, this raw take on print is a refreshing change from the masses of glossy magazines.




Berlin Quarterly

A new cultural journal packed with journalism, literature and art. Despite the title this is not a Berlin-only magazine but brings insightful stories from around the world. They believe that “At their best, journalism, literature and the visual arts can be keys to mutual understanding” combining in a stunning piece of print that represents both the unique qualities that make the world we live in so special and intriguing.

Berlin Quarterly Independent Magazine

Berlin Quarterly Independent Magazine interior
Berlin Quarterly Independent Magazine spine
Berlin Quarterly interior


A magazine written by bloggers, for bloggers. This publication truly understands and celebrates the diversity and talent within the blogosphere. Writing this I am reminded to get my subscription sorted because I have missed a couple of issues, which is such a shame because I love flicking though the beautifully designed pages spotting my friends, finding new bloggers, and seeing what is going on in the ever growing industry.

Blogosphere cover

Blogosphere flaylay
Blogosphere Independent Magazine

I am always looking for new magazines, so if you have any you think I should check out then please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Honestly Aine says:

    ooo these look really interesting. There’s an independent magazine shop in Brighton, I clearly need to pop in and investigate further. Excellent selection

    Honestly Aine

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