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New Orleans VooDoo and Beignets – Travel Diary 12

It was our final full day in New Orleans and we had a few must see tourist items to tick off our list, checking out NOLA’s voodoo scene, as well as treating ourselves to Café Du Monde beignets.

Getting up pretty early to make the most of our day we started out with breakfast at The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant. This place is famous for serving up “The Best Breakfast in New Orleans” since 1894. With such a bold claim there was, of course, a queue of tourists desperate try some authentic local favourites. Standing outside next to a huge poster of Guy Fieri we were eventually called into the rammed restaurant.

The interior was basic, but homely and the two servers were abrupt but got the job done quickly. As we waited for our food to arrive the family next to us played videos on their iPhones with no headphones, something I have major issue with. Just as I was about to walk over, our waitress rushed over and told them sternly to put their “damn phones down” and enjoy their breakfast. She was blunt but won them over with her southern charm and soon they all began to laugh and put their phones in their pockets.

Now quieter, I settled in just in time for our food to be brought out. It was kind of slammed on the table but luckily I like a place with big characters! I went for the Eggs Sardou which were poached to perfection and served on a bed of creamed spinach, artichoke, fresh english muffins and their ‘sassy’ hollandaise sauce.

Coffee Pot New Orleans

The meal was delicious, but heavy going and I needed to walk of some of those creamy calories.Wandering around the streets we took in the stunning architecture and street art before stopping off for a drink at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, the oldest boozer in New Orleans.

Houses New Orleans

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

Next up on the tourist trail was to explore some of the voodoo culture which had been one of the main reasons I insisted we drive all the way from LA to New Orleans in the first place.

Voodoo New Orleans

We started out at Esoterica Occult Goods, then Voodoo Authentic to browse some of voodoo gifts and books available before heading to Marie Laveau’s House Of Voodoo, another store and small museum. Packed with skulls and other mystical items the museum was tiny but utterly fascinating and I loved finding out more about this misunderstood spiritual practice.

 Marie Laveau's House Of Voodoo

The last item on our must do list was to try out the beignets from Café Du Monde; the riverside cafe was queued out the door and since I had already waited for food that day I opted for the shorter takeout line. With super efficient staff soon we had a warm bag of the sugary donuts and a coffee in our hands. Though I was tempted to scoff them straight away we restrained ourselves and instead sat on the banks of the Mississippi River to watch the boats go buy as we savoured our last local delicacy of the day.

Outside Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

As we had to set off early to hit the road again we opted to book dinner at our highly acclaimed hotel restaurant before enjoying our last cocktails in the bar.

New Orleans Dinner

The Ace Hotel New Orleans

Staying at a hotel as stylish as The Ace was an absolute pleasure and though Christmas is an odd time to visit New Orleans I began to ease into its unique vibe and left with both an appreciation and fondness of The Big Easy.


  1. Lauren says:

    I am so jealous, New Orleans looks amazing! Love all of your photos from the trip, really makes me want to visit there sometime. I love the sound of the cafe you went to for breakfast, sounds so characteristic!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. Emma says:

      It was a little overwhelming to start off with but I grew fond of New Orleans it’s definitely somewhere I would like to go back to

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