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Spring Style On Fire

Spring is here, the days are getting gradually warmer and lighter, but my style of course remains as dark as my heart.

Though I may not have embraced spring florals or colourful pastels, I have welcomed some of my favourite seasonal staples back after months at the bottom of my wardrobe.

The first of these being hot pants; I don’t know what it is about a ripped pair of denim shorts but they automatically make me feel feminine and a little sexier than my standard black skinny jeans. The right pair are always a mission to come by, but when I find them they will be worn until they are mere threads hanging from the waistband.

Emma Inks Spring Style

My main problem with finding the perfect pair of denim shorts (and bottoms in general) is that I have a small waist which cannot make up its mind if it’s an 8 or 10 and sits awkwardly at 27 inches. This paired with a sizable bum and thighs makes it difficult to find something that fits just right. If I can squeeze my legs and backside into a pair of shorts then I have a huge gaping hole at my waist and if they fit my mid section they usually cut off circulation to my legs.


Typically I go for classic vintage Levis cut into shorts, but this time I branched out and went for this pair from ASOS and, miraculously, they fit without discomfort, gaping, or pinching!

Another trend from this season I have bought into is flames! The Ragged Priest have been totally killing it with their past few collections and this one was no different with flame print arms that make me feel like a super hero.


The mesh back was also an added detail that I knew I would feel hotter than hell wearing. I think clothes should always make you feel confident and comfortable and this top was such a perfect mix of both I knew I needed it in my wardrobe.

The Ragged Priest Spring Style

Though I felt the completely sheer back was a little daring for a Sunday afternoon stroll round Shoreditch I paired it with my much loved Nobody’s Child body which has barely been off my back since I purchased it back in December.


As well as being an awesome fashion piece this top is also deceptively practical  and will be perfect for summer evenings when I have to give in and accept that I live in Britain and am forced to chuck on an extra layer.

Emma Inks Harley Davidson

Summer is not here yet, but leather weather is. What the hell is leather weather you ask? Well it’s what I affectionately call Spring and Autumn, those glorious in between seasons where a jacket is still required but without additional layers.


This one is a particular favourite mine; I could not believe my luck when I snapped it up for £50 on eBay after it had only been used once for a fashion shoot. I have so many Harley Davidson items now that I feel like I really need to get my act together and get my bike or else I am in danger of being a real life version of the Friends episode where Joey gets Porsche obsessed.

Emma Inks Leather Style

Although this outfit is simple, it made me feel like a total rockstar when wearing it down Brick Lane. Do you guys have any staple Spring items that just make you feel cool AF when you wear them?


  1. that jacket is insane, well done!

    1. Emma says:

      It was such a steal I couldn’t believe it!

    2. Emma says:

      Thank you xXx

  2. Love your style! Great post!

    1. Emma says:

      Thank you xXx

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