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5 New Bloggers You Need To Know About

It was just under a year ago that I found out that I had reached the finals in the New Blogger on the Block category at the Blogger’s Blog Awards. Though I battled hard with anxiety and imposter syndrome (which you can read about here) I felt absolutely honoured coming second in such a strong category. Not only did I get a confidence boost and encouragement that people got what the hell I was doing with my space on the internet, I also found a whole bunch of new bloggers to follow.

Though some of these would not fall into the New Blogger category they have been added to my reading list this year;

Katy Belle

The well deserved winner of the afore mentioned New Blogger award; I was more than happy to come second to Katy’s beautiful blog. Her aesthetic is clean and bright, yet steers away from blogger clichés with original style to die for and beautifully curated photography, all with an edge. There’s much more than sickening style to be found on Katy Belle with personal posts, beauty, music, and travel. Katy’s blog has real personality and gives a relatable insight into her life.

Midnight and Lace

Only blogging for one year, Midnight and Lace is such a well put together site, sharing awesome alternative fashion, beauty reviews, music, and more personal diary pieces, revealing a personality that is just as incredible as the looks Robyn puts together. Midnight and Lace embraces the unusual and, only being in its infancy, I cannot wait to see how this blog grows.

Rockette Queen

Aoife’s cool girl, monochrome, rock style and flame hair are such a perfect combo. Her photography is also beautiful with a crisp focus, adding a luxurious twist to her edgy taste. Along with a wardrobe I want to steal, Rockette Queen also gives thorough cruelty free beauty reviews and thought provoking personal posts. Aoife isn’t just a style queen but a full cool package.

Sister of the Moon

Another blog that was only born in 2016; Kimberly has quickly become one of my alternative fashion favourites. I love how well put together her looks are, from makeup down to shoe choice, everything is always on point. Kimberly’s photos  shine with her warm personality and I love the variety of locations she has been using recently.

Trashed Vintage

This is one of the most original fashion blogs I have come across in years; with a passion for thrifting, playing with eras, and incredible crafting skills, Trashed Vintage is a breath of fresh air. Stepping away from ‘blogger favourites’ and creating a space that is completely individual. Not only is the photography and fashion stand-out, there are helpful posts on how you can get thrifting and crafting instead of buying into the fast fashion we have all become accustomed to.

Just like my Alternative Fashion Blogger post, the running theme throughout these blogs is personality and originality. I am making it my mission to champion blogs that don’t rely on the ‘blogging rules’ and are bold enough to create their own content, their own way. I’m really excited to start sharing more of these posts and finding even more new blogs to follow.

Whose blogs have you been loving lately and why? Let me know in the comments


  1. Kimberly says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this! I am so grateful to be included in a post with such amazing babes as I already follow them aaaaall! x

  2. Robyn says:

    Girl!! 😭😭😭 honestly so honoured to be included in this list with some awesome blogging babes! This has made my day and I’m so so glad you enjoy my content! Lots of love 🖤
    Robyn // Midnight and Lace

  3. glad you’re giving them some spotlight, always happy to find new blogs to follow!

  4. Toni says:

    It’s so refreshing to see blogs like this, the current “fashion trends” are getting so boring!

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