Just Go! Bangarang x Zeal and Heart

“Just Go” – Two little words that have a big impact on me and a collective bunch of blogger buddies affectionately known as Bangarang.

Just Go Zeal and Heart


If you read my blog frequently you will be fully aware of what Bangarang is, but just incase you are new here’s the deal: Bangarang are eleven women who came together through the internet, London blogging events, and our joined love for sharing our lives online. Two years, a Whatsapp group chat, and far too many bottles of prosecco later, our sporadic chats at blogging events soon developed into a friendship group.

Just Go Zeal and Heart Emma Inks

I have always been wary of groups of females after bad experiences in my childhood, teens, and twenties; being the odd one out in a group always seemed to end in tears with me being thrust out or the catalyst for dissolving the dysfunctioning girl gang. Katy, Katie, Charlie, Charley, Milly, Claire, Erica, AJ, Jasmine, and Leanne could not be more different from my past experiences – they are inclusive, encouraging, and embrace individualism. Our passions, inspirations, tastes and styles may differ but there is one thing that we can all agree on, and that’s our shared passion for travel!

Zeal and Heart

Just Go Zeal and Heart pendant

When there was first talks of a Zeal and Heart collaboration all of us jumped at the chance; Rebecca is not only a kickass travel blogger (Runaway Kiwi) but also creates amazing sterling silver pendants with inspirational quotes.

Now, if you know me at all you will probably have guessed that I am way more an end of the world Tumblr kind of gal rather than an Instagram motivational quote reader; but that’s why I love Zeal and Heart, the pendants are inspirational but in a non-cliché and totally relatable way. I have had my eye on Erica’s I Choose Happy and Jas’s Courage Dear Heart pendants for months now but if you see one you like you’ve got to get in there quick as each design is limited edition with only 100 of each made.

Just Go

Emma Inks travel

All of the people I surround myself with completely understand my need for exploration, but that has not always been the case with backhanded comments like;

“Well Emma maybe if you stay in the same place for 5 minutes you would be able to drive, or have a house, or {insert adult expectation here}” I usually meet this sort of criticism of my lifestyle with an eye roll whilst inside screaming “well, Sheila, maybe if people like you weren’t so fucking annoying I wouldn’t have to leave the country so often”.

That’s kind of a stupid example because I don’t just leave the country to say goodbye to “Sheila” and adult expectations, but I was bored of being made to feel like I was being stupid or irresponsible by spending MY hard earned cash on something I love so much.

“Sheila” and Co are the opposite of Bangarang mentality. If there is the slightest hesitation in booking flights or heading off somewhere the words “Just Go” pop up in our group chat. This encouragement is usually followed by some great advice on how I’m going to be able to afford it, or that I deserve a break – because you get full service support with this group.

Just Go Zeal and Heart collaboration

Another thing I love about Bangarang is how much our travel styles differ. I feel like I might take the “Just Go” spirit a little too far because after I’ve booked the flights, sorted travel insurance, visas, and injections that’s pretty much where my planning ends.

On most of our mega trips like India or our US Road Trip, Pablo and I have a rough route planned out, but honestly that can change on the day depending on our mood, and a few too many of our trips have involved us searching for a bed that night.

Just Go Zeal and Heart Emma Inks

On the other hand, there are the planners Charlie, Katy, Erica and Leanne who all recently went to Japan and, man was I impressed by the planning that went into that trip! A new Whatsapp group, guidebooks, spreadsheets, and physical meetings came together to create an amazing trip (follow #Japanarang for their awesome content). Seeing just some of their organisation skills from the sideline, I’m telling you if they ever opened up a travel agency I would be first in line.

One of the things I love about these clashing styles it that we do not judge each other for it, we learn and use each others experience and skills to improve our own trips.

Just Go Zeal and Heart

Just Go is a phrase that extends further than just travel, it’s an everyday go out there and seize the day mentality. If you want something Just Go out there and get it! For me personally this little pendant gives me strength on those days where leaving the house feels like a solo expedition to the Antarctic. I now have a physical reminder that I should “Just Go” because I’ve got both the support and strength to do so.

How You Can  Buy One?

Just Go Zeal and Heart necklace

Ok, now I have told you all about how awesome this collab is here’s how you can get your hands on your own:

The pendants are all sterling silver and limited edition as mentioned above, without chain it’s £25  and with is £35, the shipping is £2.50 for shipping in the UK and £5 for worldwide shipping.

As a group we made the decision to spread the love and donate the profits of this collab to the charity Headway. This charity is close to our hearts as last year Charley’s best friend, Amy, lost her life from head trauma and we wanted to honour her life and her shared passion for travel.

Please let me, or any of the other girls, know if you purchase one of the pendants; we are all so excited about this collaboration and it would be so awesome to know that you guys love it as much as we do.

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