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Time For Reflection

Reflection is not something I do often, in fact I’m pretty terrible at even living in the now, my brain is always racing to the next step.

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Looking forward is great, it means that I’m focussed on working towards the next goal; but not taking the time to enjoy what I have right now can make me unappreciative and anxious.

Reflection can be a great way of gaining perspective, enabling me to move forward with purpose not just pace.

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Don’t worry, I’m not gonna look over old pictures and pine for what used to be as I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life but I am gonna check in now and again to see how far I’ve come, if I’ve hit any curve balls on the way and what I want to keep working on.

Now seems about the right time to go through the reflection process, it’s half way through the year and my birthday month. So, here goes, lets see what’s gone down over the past 12 months and what that means for the year ahead;

Things I’ve done

Emma Inks alternative style with skateboard in stratford

Started My Own Business

I know I keep banging on about it but owning my own business has pretty much taken over my life! So far I have completed a Prince Trust course, a business plan and smashed out a design a week. It’s been tough but I’m so excited to see how my little empire will grow over then next few months.

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Made a Home

Pablo bought a house, but together we made it a home. Having a little place to play with as much as we like has been better than I thought; I love the freedom of being able to whack holes in the wall and paint without the worry of a landlord. Making a house into a home is a long, slow, expensive project but I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

Emma Inks alternative style post with skateboard

Hit The Gym

I’m gonna write an entire post on this but finding the determination to hit the gym has been massive for me and something I never thought my anxiety would let me do.

Emma inks in Love Too True Dress

Started Eating a Plant Based Diet

I know how pretentious that sounds, but I’m not vegan – that is a huge lifestyle change and one that I admire but I’m still educating myself on.

I have been a vegetarian for almost half my life, but after finding out I had a dairy allergy it was time to take the leap. I started off just cutting out dairy but the more I researched the more I could not face eating eggs. Eating vegan means doing more research when eating out but day to day it’s so munch easier than I though.

Not only is it a more ethical way to eat but I feel so much better.

Improved my editing

I have a real love for creating content and always want to improve so this year I’ve been pushing myself to learn both Lightroom and Final Cut which I hope has improved the quality of content both here and on YouTube.

Emma Inks Checkerboard trend dress love too true

Focussed My Content

I feel like this year I’ve really honed down on what I love writing about. My blog now mainly consists of personal lifestyle posts, alternative places, and spreading the love for some of my favourite creators. One thing I have missed is sharing my passion for London but that’s going to reappear in a new way soon!!!

Emma Inks Skateboard tricks

My Instagram is more fashion focussed whilst still sharing rad locations and my everyday adventures through stories.

My YouTube channel has turned into more of a creative place sharing my day to day life, and the process behind my work and art.

I feel like though I am posting less to all three platforms my content has more of a point of view and is hopefully more valuable to you.

Things I Want To Do

Wearing – Dress Love Too True, Trainers Vans, Sunglasses Ray-Ban, Fishnets Vans

Travel More 

This is always one of my main priorities but due to lack of funds travel has had to take a backseat this year. I knew that high flying was something I would have to sacrifice when starting my business and is the reason we had such a blow out trip to New York in August but I’m starting to really get the itch again now.

Travel is like therapy for me and is something I need more of in my life again.

Emma Inks street art and alternative style

Learn How To Skateboard

I have always hung out at skateparks and love skate style, but actually getting on the board is something I’ve only tinkered with. That’s going to change this yea, I am determined to put the time in and learn how to skate.

Pablo and I started out with a mini lesson while shooting these pictures and I’m already excited to get back on my board and give it another go.

Emma Inks Vans skate

Learn How To Play Guitar

A decade ago I was given a guitar by Pablo’s parents and I’m ashamed to say that I can’t actually play it! This absolutely needs to change and I need to get learning. My dream has always been to travel the world and sit round a campfire but what use is that without a guitar-led singalong.

Grow my Business

This is the main focus for me this year; I love being my own boss and am determined to make a success of it. I am very aware that it’s not going to be easy, I’ve cried more this past 6 months than I have done in the past  6 years because I really fucking care about getting my art out to the world and making this business work.

I have the passion and I’m willing to push myself as hard as I need to go, so fingers crossed for world domination soon!

Take Care of My Health

I’ve battled with health issues pretty much since I was born and this year has been no different with a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis to go along with my digestive issues, anxiety, and depression. Looking after my psychical and mental health is always a priority for me so I’m continuing on my path of self care, through eating right, resting, working out, taking supplements, cutting out negativity and doing things I love.

Putting yourself and your needs first isn’t always easy but this year my wellbeing is a definite priority.

Have Fun!

Life shouldn’t just be a process, but often fun gets sidelined for serious – that’s a shift of priorities that needs to change.

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