• Fashion and Beauty
  • 3.2.2017

Finding Your Travel Packing Style

If you are a regular reader you might have noticed that I love to travel, but the one downside to globe trotting is: packing. It requires organisation and discipline, which are skills that are not natural to me. After making many many packing mistakes (including trying to backpack around the world  alone with a 32kg suitcase) […]

  • Fashion
  • 2.12.2016

Telling Stories With Fashion Photography

They say a picture paints 1000 words and this was something I had forgotten when it came to my own blog fashion photography. Getting in the habit of constantly taking pictures for my blog or Instagram, and filming for YouTube I got stuck in a rut and forgot why I was taking pictures. Images are not […]

  • Fashion and Beauty
  • 14.11.2016

All Black Autumn Staples

I haven’t done a personal style post in ages and that’s for a few reasons; 1) Fashion Posts Take Time Time is something I am very short of at the moment and despite the popular belief that fashion bloggers just chuck on brand new clothes, take a snap and go, it actually takes a whole […]

  • Fashion
  • 19.9.2016

London Edge Alternative Fashion

Checking in and avoiding three super realistic zombies I headed to catch up with the press team and make sure I was welcome at the champagne influencers event (because there is nothing more awkward than turning up somewhere uninvited). Thankfully I was welcomed with enthusiasm and got talking to some lovely brands and pinup blogging babes, Soda […]

  • Fashion
  • 5.9.2016

Dressing Like A Boy

“Why don’t you dress like a girl?” Was the question I got asked on my first day of primary school when I rocked up with my teenage mutant ninja turtles rucksack which was almost the size of me. Despite the fact I had tiny shiny patent shoes, platted skirt and frilly socks the rucksack was […]

  • Fashion
  • 2.8.2016

Casual Summer Style

Summer in the UK typically consists of four seasons in one day which means that versatility is key to looking good, as well as being prepared for the unpredictable weather. Summer style brings up images of boho festivals vibes and florals but, with a wardrobe that consists of so much black it wouldn’t look so […]