• Blogging
  • 29.8.2016

Crisis of Confidence

I was feeling a little lost with my blog last week; after getting the surprise of making it on the shortlist for the Bloggers Blog Awards I had a crisis of confidence. I am very used to being in the shadows, so making the shortlist was a complete shock to me and instead of being […]

  • Events
  • 27.6.2016

Bloggers Ball

Blogging events, when done right, can be a brilliant opportunity to meet both brands and bloggers as well as bumping into familiar faces. This was once again the case at Scarlett’s latest event, the Bloggers Ball. In September I turned up to Blogger’s Festival wracked with nerves, almost turning on my heels and leaving, until the lovely Laura […]

  • Food
  • 27.5.2016

The Canvas Café

If you read this blog often you will be aware of my adoration for East London, the problem is sometimes the areas cool factor can be intimating. Recently I starting taking a full day off my office job to work on creative projects and though I have been to almost every café in Shoreditch and the […]

  • Life
  • 15.5.2016

What Is My Niche?

“Find your niche” is advice which is often given in the blogosphere but is also something I question in my life outside the Internet. What is the thing that makes me different? What truly makes me happiest? What is my unique selling point? The answer is: I have no idea. I thought by my late twenties I would […]

  • Blogging
  • 4.4.2016

Emma Inks Blog Makeover

Welcome to the new look Emma Inks! I was not happy with the design and layout of my blog for ages but was not quite sure what to do with it. I knew that I wanted my site to be more organised but also did not want to take away from what makes it uniquely mine. […]

  • Thoughts
  • 18.1.2016

Vlogmas Overview

Vlogmas is over, which means I completed 31 consecutive days of uploading videos to YouTube! Before starting my channel I had never edited a video, knew nothing about using a camera and, before vlogmas, I didn’t film myself outside the comforts of my home. So why the hell would I set myself such a challenge? I […]