• Travel
  • 7.3.2017

Road Trip From El Paso to Austin – US Travel Diary 7

Leaving our little desert haven at the crack of dawn we were well rested as we prepared for a hardcore day on the road. Even after doing a lot of Googling there were no fun stops to be found on this 11 hour drive. Though not the most exciting road, the hours past quickly with the […]

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  • 1.3.2017

The Thing? An Alternative Roadside Attraction – Travel Diary Day 6

From trip research I already knew that this was a grossly underwhelming ‘museum’  but this kind of tat really appeals to me, so we took the exit, parked up and paid our dollar entrance fee. Following the large yellow footsteps we entered the first corrugated iron barn which featured an exhibit featuring tortured wooden sculptures and a Rolls […]

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  • 20.2.2017

Visiting Tucson Pima Air and Space Museum – Travel Diary 5

Only 1.5 hours away from Phoenix it was nice to have a short car day for a change of pace. Arriving at the museum we were greeted by the most friendly volunteers who stopped for a chat, welcomed us and shook our hands. This warm hospitality continued throughout the museum and made me so unbelievably […]

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  • 17.2.2017

Tips For Getting A Holiday Tattoo

Do Your Research A little research can give you information about the shop, an idea of what to get inked and help you find the right artist for you. Remember That A Tattoo Is A Lifelong Commitment It’s easy to forget about real life when you are on holiday but remember a tattoo is for life […]

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  • 14.2.2017

24 Hours In Phoenix – US Travel Diary 4

Waking up the basement bedroom of our Phoenix apartment the Airbnb seemed less murder like in the day light. Maybe it was the weed which had drifted through the vents all night but either way the anxiety about where we were staying had past. Bypassing the morning rave we opted for Matt’s Big Breakfast a casual […]

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  • 10.2.2017

Driving From LA to Phoenix – US Travel Diary 3

The road trip has officially begun! Our first journey was from LA to Phoenix, with a few quirky stops on the way. I can’t start the day without being caffeinated so we popped back to Superba for a coffee and pastry from their in-house bakery, which we enjoyed in the car park whist setting up […]