• Travel
  • 5.1.2016

5 Tips For A Road Trip in Scotland

Despite living in Scotland for over 20 years I, took for granted all the wonders that were on my doorstep. I don’t know if it has been a form of homesickness or impractical planning but I have actually taken the time to explore much more of  my beautiful homeland since moving to London. This week […]

  • Travel
  • 22.12.2015

A Weekend Trip To Birmingham

My only previous experience of Birmingham was scooting down the toll road to miss traffic on the way up north. So I was really looking forward pitching up at our central Travelodge to spend some actual time in the city instead of simply whizzing past. Like almost everything I do I waited until the last minute to […]

  • Travel
  • 20.7.2015

2000 Trees Rock Festival

One benefit from my lack of Glastonbury tickets this year was that in my fit of despair I went on a Googling binge for an alternative and came across 2000 Trees, a small rock festival located only a couple of hours outside of London at an absolute bargain price of £72 for weekend tickets. Though […]

  • Food
  • 11.4.2015

Altrinham Market Food Hall, Manchester

Manchester, and many of its surrounding areas, will always be close to my heart. My family have lived around those parts for many years and I will never forget the excitement of hopping in the car to see them a couple of times a year.  Though I no longer class a trip to Manchester as […]

  • Food
  • 13.3.2015

Brunch at Cafe Marmalade, Brighton

I hate Marmalade, except when in Brighton where I simply can’t get enough of it; not the jarred orange stuff but a cute corner café serving up homely food in a simple, yet beautiful, environment. I try not to go to a place more than once as I have this constant fear that I am running […]

  • Food
  • 2.3.2015

Terre a Terre Vegetarian Restaurant, Brighton

As I discovered on my last visit to Brighton, this seaside town was not all about your traditional fish, chips and ice cream but was also a haven for vegetarians. Wanting to make a good choice on my little getaway to Brighton Tattoo Convention I went to my ultimate source of knowledge and asked Twitter for […]