• Travel
  • 3.8.2016

5 Lessons Learnt Whilst Travelling

Travelling is the part of my life which has taught me the most, both personally and educationally, so when I saw that lessons learnt whilst travelling was this month’s Travel Linkup topic, I knew I had to get involved. So here are 5 of the most important lessons I have learnt whilst on the road: 1. Be […]

  • Travel
  • 31.5.2016

Visiting Southern Goa India

Now on day 4 of our trip in India this was the first time that a man had acknowledged my existence, before this interaction people had only directed conversation towards Pablo. As well as the scenery and attitude to women, another difference was the upbeat music being played in the car, everywhere else had been silent but […]

  • Travel
  • 24.5.2016

One Day in Mumbai

Half way through and we needed a break from the sorching heat; we took a break to cool down in Food for Friends, a cute little café serving up salads, cakes, and coffees tucked in the back of a fully air conditioned book shop. Sweat dried we took on the rest of the tour and […]

  • Video
  • 13.5.2016

India First Impressions

As it was Pablo and I’s first time in India, and we had landed in Mumbai after midnight, we decided to stay in the rather lovely Niranta airport transit hotel rather than trying to navigate the city at night. On walking up to our close-by swanky accommodation we were once again greeted with an airport style security screening; […]

  • Travel
  • 19.4.2016

Planning A Trip To India

I am planning a trip to India, and it feels like it has taken over my life. Being a spontaneous kind of gal, the feeling that I have bitten off more than I can chew happens quite often. I have a great idea (like holidaying in India), and commit to it without really considering what practical […]

  • Travel
  • 15.3.2016

Tips For Surviving A Snow Holiday

I know most people wouldn’t be excited about snow in Spring but this is the time of the year when around 30 of us head off to The Alps for a group snow holiday. This is now my 4th snowboarding holiday and though I am not an expert in skiing or snowboarding I do manage to survive […]