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  • 19.9.2016

London Edge Alternative Fashion

Checking in and avoiding three super realistic zombies I headed to catch up with the press team and make sure I was welcome at the champagne influencers event (because there is nothing more awkward than turning up somewhere uninvited). Thankfully I was welcomed with enthusiasm and got talking to some lovely brands and pinup blogging babes, Soda […]

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  • 8.9.2016

Monthly Round-Up | August

Though I was reserved with beauty in August I did treat myself to a few fashion pieces. First off was the spontaneous purchase of a leather jacket from All Saints. Walking past Brick Lane I could not resist the huge sample sale sign and within five minutes I had unnecessarily splurged on my new favourite jacket. […]

  • Fashion
  • 5.9.2016

Dressing Like A Boy

“Why don’t you dress like a girl?” Was the question I got asked on my first day of primary school when I rocked up with my teenage mutant ninja turtles rucksack which was almost the size of me. Despite the fact I had tiny shiny patent shoes, platted skirt and frilly socks the rucksack was […]

  • Fashion
  • 11.7.2016

The Power of Leopard Print

Leopard print can be garish and tacky, but it is my go-to print to give me a confidence boost; no matter how run down I am, a touch of leopard makes me feel like a rockstar. There are currently five seasons in a day in London so I had to take both my shades and […]

  • Fashion
  • 21.6.2016

Berlin AC/DC Outfit

When I was packing this outfit I did not actually know that I was going to Berlin, the only clue I got for my birthday surprise trip was that we were “going to city beginning with a letter in the alphabet”. With such little information the one thing I didn’t have to worry about was […]

  • Fashion and Beauty
  • 26.5.2016

Wedding Guest Goth

You would think that with the amount of weddings I have been too I would have something suitable in my wardrobe, but thanks to social media I never feel like I can wear the same dress twice. This leads to spending hours scrolling through websites and scouring the high street for dresses that are both appropriate […]