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  • 28.6.2017

24 hours in Southern Cornwall

Feeling a little tired from London life, Pablo and I took advantage of the bank holiday to escape to the tranquility of Southern Cornwall. Booking Edyn, a cute little shepherd’s cabin, through Airbnb we were warmly welcomed by our hosts and after a LONG drive settled down for the night with a celebratory glass of […]

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  • 19.6.2017

5 Places For Great Vegetarian Food in Budapest

Before heading to Budapest I was warned by several people to be aware that Hungary was a meat heavy culture and I would struggle being a dairy free vegetarian. Thankfully, this was not the case and with a little research we found that Budapest has as thriving vegetarian and vegan community with plenty of options; […]

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  • 9.6.2017

Budapest Alternative Walking Tour

Our original intention was to meet with the Budapest Alternative Walking Tour on day one of our trip, however not adverse to going off plan (and getting too distracted by the pretty sights along the Danube) we missed our departure time. Thankfully, however, the group unlike many other tour operators still took groups on a […]

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  • 6.6.2017

The Meaning of Home

Home is a word that has many meanings to me. Home is a place Scotland – The country in which I was born and raised in. I may have chosen to build my life elsewhere but there is a strange feeling of pride when I return to my homeland, its wild nature and welcoming people make […]

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  • 2.6.2017

National Parks US Travel Diary 16

After indulging in Las Vegas and having a few nights to recover from our hike at Zion it was time to leave Sin City behind and get back to nature by visiting two more of America’s National Parks. First up was Death Valley, somewhere that I had been desperate to go to since our last […]

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  • 30.5.2017

Budapest Day 1 – Walking The Danube

  Though there was an hour wait we were happy to grab a coffee from Kontakt its sister place across the street. The coffee was fantastically bold and fragrant giving me a much needed pick me up. After what seemed like no time at all we were seated at a basic box style stable in the […]