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Grand Canyon

Setting off from Los Angeles to embark on our first day of road trippin’ was difficult. It was 6am, I was tired, stroppy and didn’t want to leave LA to see a stupid giant hole in the ground. However this was not just my trip and majority had ruled that it would be a shame not to see one of the 7 wonders of the world when we were so close, so like a petulant child I bundled myself in the back of our hire car with a tattoo colouring book and some snacks prepared for a full day on the road.

US Roadtrip Emma Inks Blog

With the distraction of  the landscape changing from city, to country, to desert, to mountain and minimal stops at a Denny’s and gas stations, the drive (though taking just over 8 hours) didn’t seem long. Arriving at the Southern entrance we paid our $25 entrance fee to a ranger in a wooden hut and made our way to the brimming car park. Eventually finding a space we quickly realised that it was no longer beach weather and bundled up in all the warm clothes that we had packed (hence why I look like a hobo)

Grand Canyon Emma Inks Blog

Despite the relatively care free journey being in a car for such a long period of time does send you slightly mad and with all that pent up energy we headed  towards the first viewing point bouncing and yammering like children on a day trip. Though the entire rim was crawling with tourists taking selfies, they could not distract from the natural beauty that surrounded us.

Grand Canyon Emma Inks Blog

As the sun set, the temperature began to drop – yet we could not drag ourselves away from the mesmerising views. The colours magically changed from orange, to blues, to purples until the sun disappeared as if someone had turned the light off.

Grand Canyon Emma Inks Blog

Grand Canyon Emma Inks Blog

Once darkness had encroached upon us we were freezing and so desperate to get back to the car that we unwisely took a shortcut. Being lost in the pitch blackness after just reading a book about deaths in the Grand Canyon made me convinced that I was about to be eaten by a mountain lion! Eventually finding the main public path we ran back to the safety of our car.

Grand Canyon Emma Inks Blog

After our Canyon adventure I was ready for food and bed but there was still another 1.5 hours to get to our pre booked Days Inn in Flagstaff. The snow sprinkled trees, bright twinkling stars and the amusing local radio station made for a pleasant drive however, if I was to do the trip again I would definitely stay at one of the many motels near to South entrance.

I find it hard to put into words our visit to the Grand Canyon as its vastness and allure are almost indescribable.  It’s expanse made me feel small and gave me the feeling that I was part of a world so large it was incomprehensible. This is a must see whilst in America and is so much more than just a bloody great big hole!



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