Amsterdam Roest

I have a confession to make; I only saw part of one football match the entire world cup, but it was a really good one!!

The last place to check out on my list, inspired by Your Little Black Book, was Amsterdam Roest: an urban oasis situated in an estate only a few stops away from Centraal Station.

Leaving the tide of tourists behind we were swept up in a sea of orange shirted locals all heading towards our location. Similar to Pllek this was another place that used the industrial surrounding to its advantage to create a unique social space.


Making it through hundreds of bikes, bypassing the food stalls and swarms of people we made it to the central bar which was queued out the door. Thankfully, due to the hardworking staff, the queue went down speedily.



After grabbing a few beers we headed outside where the crowd had spilled out across into an open warehouse and squeezed around the multiple screens.





The atmosphere was electric however me being short meant I could barely see, so we gave up on the football and took advantage of the bar’s quiet¬†beach area.



Having almost the entire area to ourselves we chilled out on deck chairs as the sun set on a perfect birthday.


We visited Roest on an exceptional night with Netherlands winning 5-1 but I have a feeling this place would be buzzing no matter the occasion.

Amsterdam Roest
Czaar Peterstraat213-B,
1018 PL Amsterdam

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