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Getting Back on My Snowboard After A Break

Last year 56 of us headed to Austria and had a wonderful time in the snow, however on the second last day of the holiday disaster struck and I broke my wrist.


Not a dramatic injury but due to to few time delays in getting my operation to have a metal plate fitted not only did I become one step closer to becoming a cyborg but also spent 3 weeks in a cast with a total recovery time of 6 months. All I can say is thanks to the Netflix Gods for providing me with entertainment such as Sons of Anarchy through this frustrating time.


Preparing to get back on my board was a daunting prospect,  I know that breaking my wrist is not a serious injury but before I never had a fear of falling and used to just hurtle myself down the mountain and hope for the best. In an attempt to learn some actual technique (other than survival) I took lessons at the Snow Zone which turned out to be a disaster and knocked my confidence so much I considered cancelling my snow holiday.


Radler in hand after an afternoon riding in sunny St Anton all that worry seemed like a distant memory. Technically I was all over the place, and I had some epic falls (including getting hit by a chair lift), but I loved every second of it. Last year I got so in my head about technique and got so frustrated that I got injured and forgot the most important part of snowboarding – which is having fun! Everyone struggles, make mistakes and bails but these are the things we laugh about over a beer later.


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