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Alternative Art In Oslo

Aimlessly strolling is one of my favourite ways to see a city as I always come across something completely unexpected. Oslo did not disappoint on this front.

Following a pink Christmas tree (as you do) I turned a corner to find a street with walls covered in varied styles of  art. You may have noticed from my Instagram and previous posts I am fascinated by graffiti so seeing work by artists such as Cha, Pez, Phlegm, Zosen, and Sean together in the one street was an absolute treat.





The pink tree was explained when we turned the next corner to find a Christmas Market (Julemarked) selling handmade goods, there were so many interesting trinkets that I wanted to make my own but unfortunately flying Ryan Air meant I had zero baggage space, so I had to enjoy browsing instead.

I loved the contradicting images of stall owners selling hand knitted wooly jumpers, sweet cakes, jewellery and nik naks in amongst street art covered walls, a decadent outdoor chandelier,  all overlooked by  a couple of devilish characters sculpted from iron who seemed to be the guardians of this quirky space.







Clambering up a metal staircase guarded by a goat we come across Gallery Brenneriet, a space for young contemporary artists to showcase their work. The space was housing Vandalism, an exhibition exploring  sex, violence and integrity by Maria Möhring a stylist and art student who is inspired by subcultures, sexual dynamics and power structures. Her work was dark and of an adult theme and though had a colourful, child like aesthetic made some hard hitting observations about society, especially concerning women’s status and sexuality.

WARNING! Do not scroll down if easily offended there is a pic of me with a giant pink penis and some sweary words.









Unconventional Christmas, street art and a sprinkling of feminism, this was a perfect find for my personal tastes.

Have you guys come across any random discoveries whilst on holiday that you would recommend?

Brenneriveien 9
0182 Oslo



  1. Alice Young says:

    This looks awesome! I’ve never come across anything like this on holiday, would love too though! I really love your jacket as well

    1. Emma says:

      It was such a nice surprise. The jacket is from Forever 21 and was a complete bargain, I have hardly had it off since I got it.

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