Cafe Laundromat Breakfast and Dinner, Oslo

This was one of my favourite places in Oslo, in fact I liked it so much we went for dinner and brunch. The vibe was hip yet friendly and the decor, like many of the places we visited in Norway, was  70’s cool but also very homely.


After a long day exploring in minus temperatures the Boyfriend and I were looking for a place to get warmed up with a hot meal and beer.

Though it was his birthday, we are not fancy folks and were happy with the simple selections of pizza, burgers, salads and extensive beer menu.


Despite being a Monday the place was packed and we had to be vigilant to get a table, we grabbed one in the centre of the room and though there was a freezing breeze from the endless stream of people coming in it was the perfect position to take in the atmosphere.

The clientèle was varied, with hipsters and their macbooks, men in suits, families, friends and couples on cosy dates.


Norway is an expensive place to booze (the cheapest we found in a restaurant/bar was £7.50 for a pint and a bottle of wine at £35)  but we were celebrating so ordered a couple of beers. I decided to accompany it with a Capricciosa Pizza – (Tomato, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto cotto (ham), mushrooms, artichoke, basil) minus the ham, which was a little soggy in the middle yet tasty.


The other half went for a hugely generous Fuerte Turkey Burger (herb marinated turkey, bacon, avocado, greens, tomatoes, cucumber) sandwiched  between a croissant.



Both sufficiently stuffed and too poor to continue partying we choose to celebrate back at our little Airbnb apartment and popped into Rimi, the local supermarket, for a few beers on the way.


On our last day we wanted to finish our trip with something a little special so headed back to Laundromat to try the Brunch menu. The place was just as buzzing as a few nights before but we managed to squeeze in with our bags.



There are not a lot of vegetarian options in Oslo so I selected the Eggs Benedict (again minus the ham) and a side of spinach which was a hearty way to fill up  before heading to the airport.



Cafe Laundromat is not just a poplar eatery but has a library with over 4000 books and an actual laundromat. If I was a local this is the sort of place that I would feel welcomed and inspired enough to take my laptop along and work away all day.


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Cafe LaundromatCafe Laundromat
Underhaugsveien 2,
0354 Oslo,

+47 21 38 36 29

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