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Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Oslo

A beautiful snow covered morning close to mountains normally screams out a day on the slopes, however there was not quite enough of the white stuff to strap on my board whilst in Oslo. So we took the next best option and got the metro up to Holmenkollen ‘the worlds most modern ski jump’. Though gargantuan standing 60 meters above the ground it was so overcast that the structure snuck up on us like a giant metal monster.





At the base of the tower was the ski museum, taking us on a journey of over 4000 years of ski history. Starting with  Norwegian polar expeditions, through to equipment including hand carved skies and some of the first buildings, all the way to modern skiing as a competitive sport.

After making friends with a pooping moose we took the lift up to the top of the jump, though visibility was awful and we could not enjoy the views over the city, I had still had fun pretending I was a champion.






Just as we were about to leave the museum I spotted a the ‘Freedom of Snow‘ exhibition off in another room which, to my delight, contained snowboarding and a ball pit.

Sliding into the plastic snowballs, playing on spring boards, looking at how the sport has developed over such a short period of time and watching boarding movies was almost as good as a day on the slopes.




Though we could not take full advantage of the ski tower due to the weather, we had a fun yet educational afternoon, I would love to return in summer so I could take in the views and check out the giant zip line.

Whether you are a historian or just looking for an afternoon of fun the Holmenkollen Ski Jump is worth the journey.


Kongeveien 5,
0787 Oslo,


  1. Jessica says:

    looks like such a COOL and fun place to go!


    1. Emma says:

      It was awesome way to spend an afternoon.

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