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Sketch A Day Exhibition

I have previously mentioned that I am personally not a believer in New Years revolutions, but I am so glad that artist Jane Moore kept hers.

The Sketch A Day Project began on the 1st of January 2014 and after a year of  drawing everyday in Moleskin sketchbooks and a successful Kickstarter campaign the exhibition came to life on the 22nd January with 365 drawings exhibited in Hackney Wick.




As a Kickstarter contributor I was lucky enough to attend the private view at Shapes, an events space and social club that promotes forward-thinking music and artistry.




Seeing the pieces exhibited together, and the variety, was an interesting insight into the different aspects, inspirations and emotions that happen throughout a year. Not only was Jane’s work hugely impressive but her dedication to sketching everyday has also motivated me to pick up a pencil again and get drawing instead of just talking about it!




Whilst my boyfriend and I discussed which pieces we wanted to make ours, red sold dots kept going up around us – not being able to handle the pressure we unfortunately went home empty handed.




I promised myself last year that if I found money kicking about at the bottom of a bag or pocket that I had forgotten about I would pay it forward and put it towards a crowd-funded campaign. Not only has this helped artists such as Jane achieve their goal but also means that I get the opportunity to be part of something and get invited with unique events such as this exhibition.


Have you guys been part of any crowd funding campaigns or got any that you think I should take a look at?


  1. Such an inspiring idea and a beautiful looking exhibition. Thanks for sharing, I will try and get along to take a look. Hope you enjoy getting back to your own sketching and drawing – Louise

    1. Emma says:

      Let me know if you manage to pop along its worth the trip Hackney Wick, her work is great and I am in awe that she managed to keep up with drawing everyday for a year I think I have done one this month!

  2. themayfairy says:

    This woman really can draw! Going to tell my husband about this exhibition – he also draws every single day. There comes a point when drawing comes as naturally as breathing. I’m frankly surprised he still has finger nails; surely they should have been replaced by now by pencil lead growing directly out of his hands 😉

    1. Emma_Inks says:

      I love her work also so impressed with people like Jane and your husband who have the dedication to draw everyday!

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