The Versatile Blogger Award

One of the unexpected advantages of blogging is being part of such a supportive community and meeting some lovely new people; an example of this is Angie, writer of Chocolate and Lipsticks who nominated me for this award.

I first met Angie whilst on the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour back in January, I was extremely nervous and not only did she make me feel incredibly welcome but has kept in touch since.

The Versatile Blog Award is another example of how bloggers can support each other. The intention of the award is to help up and coming blogs to get noticed. The conditions of the nomination are to thank the person who nominated you, include a link to their blog, share 7 things about yourself and select 15 blogs that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.

I already share a lot of myself on my blog, however here are 7 facts that you may not know about me;

1) I am severely dyslexic

Though I could understand most of what I was being taught in school I struggled with communication and writing; not being able to learn or express myself in the same way as my peers resulted in me becoming frustrated and introverted.

Getting tested and confirmed as being severely dyslexic at 17 was such a relief, as after I knew what was wrong with me I felt that I could move forward and deal with it instead of feeling like I was simply weird. Though it is a hinderance in my day to day life I have developed ways of working with dyslexia and while simple writing tasks still take me a little bit longer than most, I get there in the end.

2) I have a genuine signed Ozzy Osbourne picture

It is no secret that I am a fan of Black Sabbath so when Ozzy had his quad bike accident back in 2003 I was so saddened by the possibility of him never waking up that I made a  card with a hand drawn Celtic Cross on the front and posted it off to LA. I know I was probably too old to be sending fan mail but a few months later I received a lovely letter thanking me for my support and a signed picture from Ozzy which I have proudly framed on my wall.

3) I am mainly a vegetarian because a cow licked my hand at an ostrich farm

One of the most common questions I get asked as a veggie is, ‘why? Is it for ethical reasons or because you don’t like the taste of meat?’ I usually answer with, ‘I don’t really know, I just am’, which is true but not the full story.

I have always liked animals more than people but I also know that they taste really good, however, the moment that gorgeous slobbery cow licked me with its humungous rough tongue I knew I could never eat meat again.

4) When I was little I genuinely wanted to be a mermaid

I was so obsessed with The Little Mermaid when I was little that when Arial asked me to be in the parade at Disney Land Florida I passed out because I was so overwhelmed.

Alhough I missed my chance of being a mini mermaid, my obsession continued and I decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a marine biologist – that was until I realised that I was terrible at science, could barely swim and was scared of the sea.

5) I was a hopeless backpacker

Nowadays I like to class myself as a pretty savvy traveller, but the first time I went away at 18 I was beyond clueless. Instead of a backpack I took the most ridiculously huge wheelie bag filled with my best clothes (which included 4 pairs of high heels). After a 6 hour trek in the Cameron Highland Malaysia wearing customised Ugg boots, Ralph Lauren hot pants and a Guess hoodie, I learned the hard way that sometimes function does prevail over fashion.

I also had to phone my mum in the UK to find out the time in Thailand and could not cross the road in Bangkok for days so just hung out on the block my hotel was on until I met up with my travel group. If I had not made any friends I may still be living in that shabby room.

6) I am not at all squeamish but I throw up at films sometimes

This is a really weird reaction I have had since I was little, though blood, guts and general gore on screen or in real life barely effect me, some on-screen entertainment freaks me out so much that I spontaneously throw up.

One of the first times this happened was when watching Biker Mice From Mars and more recently it was at District 9, maybe I have an underlying fear of aliens?

7) I thought I was a twin

I still to this day have not met my dad (even though we are now Facebook friends) so the mixture of this, my overactive imagination, being a Gemini and watching Escape To Witch Mountain one too many times led me to the conclusion that I must be a twin.

I was convinced that my dad had the boy twin, who was called Jamie, and we couldn’t meet as we would be too powerful together. I genuinely believed this so much that I used to terrorise my mum with tantrums and tears asking to meet the brother, it broke my heart that she was hiding him from me. As a grown up I can confirm that I am defiantly not a twin though I would still like to be one.

I am nominating anyone that wants to get involved in the Versatile Blog Award. I know this seems like a bit of a cop-out but you should know by now I am not one to follow rules and also dwindling down the hundreds of blogs that I read regularly to 15 seems like too much of a challenge. If you do want some new reads I would suggest checking out my Bloglovin as that is where I organise all my favourite blogs.



  1. Leanne says:

    First of all I’m genially impressed with Ozzy right now, that’s so cool. And secondly I’m crying at the cow story :’) <3 x

    1. Emma says:

      Ha ha thanks Leanne, sometimes being a old man rocker fan girl pays off.

  2. themayfairy says:

    Right. Ralph Lauren hot pants? Seriously? That one threw me for 6!
    Secondly, I also wanted to be a twin as a child. I think coz it was kind of like having a built in friend. However, the older I got the more I realised I’d absolutely HATE having someone who looks just like me as it would make me less unique 😉

    1. Emma says:

      I can’t believe that I was that clueless, I don’t think I really know what the words backpacking or hike actually meant but I learned really quickly! I never wanted a girl twin it had to be a boy because I would also hate looking like someone else, I like being individual.

  3. steve grubb says:


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