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Blending Vs Juicing

I have a standard blender, a Blend Active, and a practically useless juicer. I dabble with all of them regularly in an attempt to balance out pizza, beer and all the other delicious vices that I succumb to. Carrying around my little bottle of homemade juice I feel like I look like a healthy eating professional but in reality I have very little idea if what I am consuming is beneficial.

I try and educate myself by browsing Pinterest for recipes as well as regularly reading various websites and blogs, however, there is so much conflicting information that I was still at a loss whether incorporating both juicing and blending into my diet was at all constructive.


That is why I jumped at the chance of attending the Currys PC World and Philips Blending vs Juicing night hosted by Joe Blogs, in the hope that I might finally get to the bottom of how to use my technology to improve my diet.



Arriving at Joe Blogs HQ we were, as always, treated well, providing us with sandwiches from Pure and soft drinks from one of my personal favourites Vita Coco whilst we got settled in.


First up was Stephanie, founder of raw&juicy, the UK’s first home delivery juice ‘detox’ company. Stephanie’s relationship with juicing began back in 2006 after suffering from chronic fatigue. She wanted to take her health into her own hands and didn’t feel that her doctors treatments of anti depressants and contraceptive pills were helping her well-being.


This sparked interest in me as I know this story all too well, personally suffering with digestive issues and fatigue for years. I was also tired of being given endless prescriptions for contraceptive pills and being pushed back on to anti depressants, even though I had explained that I felt like this would be a step backwards for my mental health recovery.

Standing my ground and wanting to find an alternative was not an easy task but eventually I met a nurse practitioner who did not look at me like I was insane and suggested that I try a Low FODMAP diet to work out any specific food triggers that could be causing my symptoms.


Eight weeks on a strict diet was not a fix-all cure however, it made me mentally switch my relationship with food and instead of being concerned with calories I was now focussed on nutrition which, although has not miraculously cured my symptoms, has made a huge improvement in my general health.

Enough about me, back to the professionals; Stephanie started out by giving us a quick run down of the differences in machinery for juicing and blending, then moved onto the dietary pro and cons of both.


Juicing is beneficial as it removes fibre, so you can pack in a huge amount of nutrients without getting full, for example, 12 carrots makes 1 litre of carrot juice, can you imagine eating 12 carrots without feeling ill? Juices are a wonderful energy fix but, like an espresso, the buzz fades quickly; this is because the lack of fibre means faster digesting allowing quicker absorption of the sugar, vitamins and minerals.


Though juices are a great for adding nourishment into you diet, they are not going to fill you up; this is where smoothies lend a hand. Blending the entire fruit means that you get all the bulk making them more calorific and keeping you full for longer.

It is easy to forget that a smoothie is essentially a meal in a glass so Stephanie’s advice was to take it in slowly and don’t blend more than you would eat if you are looking to lose weight because, unfortunately, healthy food also has calories.


In conclusion there is no clear winner in the Juicing vs Blending battle, though they may have similar ingredients they are completely different contenders. Juicing is a nutritionally packed snack which adds vitamins and minerals to your diet like a natural supplement or can be used to give your digestive system a break, where as blending is a healthy meal.


Next up was to grab a ‘Berries Matter’ mocktail created by The Cocktail Service to sip on whilst we took in the informative leaflet placed on each table, before getting stuck into making some drinks ourselves and getting to play with the Philips Viva Collection Juicer and Pro 6 blender.


I am going to be honest, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but The Cocktail Service part of the evening was a little disorganised. Though David tried to talk us through each drink, and we had help from the lovely Tom and Heather there was a lot of waiting around and confusion which made it less educational.


As it began to get late and impressed by the machinery some bloggers went rouge and started experimenting with their own juices. We had a couple of hours of teaching and a leaflet so thought we could handle it, unfortunately Heather from The Cocktail Service did not and sternly told off the table beside us, which I thought was a bit over the top.


Despite the chaotic end to the night I came away with a much better knowledge of juicing, blending, diet and equipment. It has even inspired me to dust off my blender and save up to buy a new juicer as sleek as the Viva collection 700w  one that we go to try out. Another lesson I have learned by using such swanky equipment is that it is worth investing in good machinery – my cheap juicer has probably cost me just as much when you add up all the food waste.

If you want a little more information about the event head on over to the Curry’s website or follow the #currysintrojuicing hashtag.

Are you guys into juicing and blending? Do you have any recipe recommendations?


*I was invited to this event, food and drinks were complementary however, as always, all opinions are my own.





  1. Laura says:

    Oh dear – never good to get told off!! I really need to get back into my smoothies – I keep telling myself I will once summer rolls around… I’m still waiting!! xx

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    1. Emma says:

      Im totally the same but I am hoping now I have a little more knowledge I will get my act together and actually start making them.

  2. ofbeautyand says:

    It sounds like it was a great event, apart from getting told off… x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Emma says:

      It was really fun and educational which is a bonus

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