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Festival Style 2000 Trees

I love nothing more than looking at flamboyant festival fashion, but for packing purposes it just does not seem practical to take an outfit for every eventuality unless you have an entourage who will happily carry it got you. Since this is not at all my lifestyle (I like to keep things simple), I thought I would share a couple of my looks from 2000 Trees Festival.

OOTD 2000

The hardest part of packing is being prepared for every type of weather whilst being able to carry your bag (and make space for your booze), that is why I always go for light layers.


If you follow my fashion then you will know I pretty much live in black/charcoal and, even at a festival, there is no exception to that rule. Though I love seeing people dressed up as gorgeous woodland fairies I dress for how I feel, if I am having a bit of a down day I will pop on a flower crown or put some glitter on to lighten my mood, but since I am in my element surrounded by music and mud I am happy to keep it dark.


200o Trees is only a two day festival so makes outfit selection a lot simpler:

Day one I went for my new staple: TopShop dungarees; an industrial, hard wearing piece with a childlike nostalgic element they seemed like the perfect choice. I teamed them with a bralette so I could roll down the top half of my overalls to cool down in a hot crowd.

My vintage bumbag which I purchased in Paris; having my belongings close makes me feel more secure but everything does not fit in it so I also have my Laura Oakes tote bag, which the designer kindly gifted me at a Debenhams Press Day.



Day Two was a little colder so was all about layering. Starting with another bralette (just in case the sun decided to return), a Zara fringed vest, vintage leather shorts from Rokit (which had the added bonus of being wipe clean), a shirt from American Eagle and 2nd hand super-bargain Nike high-tops from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn.


Another one of my major packing hacks is to take interesting accessories and make up as they take up much less space than an entire weeks wardrobe.



This time I kept it super simple with a Lyla Loves tribal inspired necklace.


Classic Bandanna and Calvin Klein sunglasses.


Having booked these tickets super last minute to try and get over my not going to Glastonbury gloom made me even more enthusiastic so I turned my preparation up a notch by dip dying my hair blue and purple with temporary colour from Bleach London.


What are your favourite festival looks and packing tips?




  1. ComaDiary says:

    You look awesome, honestly. I love your style, especially the dungarees. Also, those shoes! I, too, only wear black and grey (and white occasionally). Monochrome dressing is where it’s at 🙂

    1. Emma says:

      Thank you so much! I try to be a bit more experimental with colour but always revert back to classic monochrome

  2. Ali says:

    Nice looks!!! super edgy!

    Zapatos Rojos

  3. mauro says:

    Great leather shorts!

    1. Emma says:

      Thank I love a bit of vintage leather

  4. Hazel Jane says:

    Love both looks!! I absolutely love dungarees, and I love how you styled them, such a great festival vibe!

    Hazel xx

    1. Emma says:

      Thank you so much! I am digging dungarees right now they are totally tomboy, yet stylish and so comfortable.

  5. […] my personal style comes into. I just wear whatever I feel comfortable in whether that be vintage, high street, rock, punk, skate or grunge inspired. Being so eclectic has both pros and cons as I can find […]

  6. Rebecca Marie says:

    Your outfits are great. I’m off this year so it’s going to be weird packing only for two days and not the typical 4/5 I’m used to! (A blessing, really). The shorts and dungarees are my absolute favourites 🙂 your style is honestly one of my favourites xxxx

    1. Emma says:

      Thank you SO much, I am blushing! It’s such a fun festival and the two nights makes packing so much easier.

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