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Lumia Street Art Photography Tour

Almost everyday I walk the streets of Shoreditch admiring the ever changing artwork and though I share some of my favourite pieces on Instagram I am ashamed to say that I know little about the artists who create such interesting works.

I have a very similar attitude when it comes to improving my photography, I really do like taking pictures and my phone is permanently complaining about how it cannot cope with the amount of images I have stored, yet I have never taken the time to learn the skills involved in creating better images.

Both of these reasons are why I jumped at the chance to join Microsoft and Talented Talkers for the Lumia Street Art Photography Tour, where we got the chance to try out the brand new Nokia Lumia 930 with Phil Hibberd (an extremely helpful photographer) who was on hand to teach us how to take make the most out of mobile photography.

Lumia Street Art Photography Tour Emma Inks

Meeting at Shoreditch High Street Station we picked up our vibrant orange Nokia handset and after a quick selfie check and introduction by Karim from Street Art London, our guide for the evening, we headed out into the rain.

Weaving our way under the train line, through back streets and along Brick Lane, we learned about some of the area’s key players and history of the street art scene, as well as the differences between graffiti, street art and murals, pointing out examples on the way.

This was predominately a photography tour so I am going to let the pictures do the talking here and take you on our route;

Hottea – string on fence

Hottea - string on fence Emma Inks Blog

Nathan Bowen – demon builder pasteups

Nathan Bowen - demon builder pasteups - Emma Inks Blog

Gary Strange and Lily Lou – “No Good Reason”

Gary Strange and Lily Lou - "No Good Reason" Emma Inks Blog

Various Artists – Sticker wall

Lumia Street Art Photography Tour Emma Inks

Merc, Func and Corze – Graffiti lettering

Merc, Func and Corze - Graffiti lettering - Emma Inks Blog

Shepherd Fairey – “Stereo Sound” and Space Invader – Black and white tiles

Shepherd Fairey - "Stereo Sound" and Space Invader - Black and white tiles

Conor Harrington – Napoleon-era soldier and Various Arists  – other smaller pieces

Conor Harrington - Napoleon-era soldier and Various Arists - other smaller pieces

Faith47 – Lioness mural

Faith47 - Lioness mural - Emma Inks

ROA – Heron and Martin Ron – Queen’s guard doing handstand

ROA - Heron and Martin Ron - Queen's guard doing handstand

Alexis Dias and Elian Collaboration

Alexis Dias and Elian Collaboration Emma Inks Blog

Various Artists – Gate

Lumia Street Art Photography Tour - Emma Inks Blog

Jonesy – ‘The angel of Scalter Street’

Jonesy - 'The angel of Scalter Street' Emma Inks Blog

Shepherd Fairey – “Shoplifters welcome this decade only” mural and Insa – Blue and purple heels

Shepherd Fairey - "Shoplifters welcome this decade only" mural and Insa - Blue and purple heels

Dal East – Big cat rendered in wire-style

Dal East - Big cat rendered in wire-style - Emma Inks

Each piece that Karim pointed out  had a purpose in explaining the culture behind street art and its varying styles.

I am pretty wary about taking part in tours, as often they feel scripted and have no real depth, however, Karim spoke with great passion and had an incredible amount of knowledge not only on the art that he selected but each additional piece that we enthusiastically questioned him on.

Learning more about the area’s art and culture has definitely sparked a deeper interest in expanding my own knowledge instead of simply being an everyday observer.

Lumia Street Art Photography Tour Emma Inks

Phil Hibberd, from Photography Made Simple, was also very engaging and not only helped me get to grips with the Lumia 930 but also had some great tips for grey weather and night photography, which are both areas that I struggle with. Though street art is not his traditional topic of photography he eagerly helped us in making sure that we made the most of our diverse subjects.

Lumia Street Art Photography Tour Emma Inks

The Lumia 930 20MP PureView Camera was also extremely impressive, with flexible features such as being able to change the ISO value and flash intensity which allowed me to take capture the shot I wanted, despite less than ideal lighting conditions.

All of the above images were shot using the Lumia and though I did a little cropping here and there, they required almost no other post editing.

Lumia Street Art Photography Tour Emma Inks

As with the Jack The Ripper Walking Tour back in December, I found being a tourist in my own part of town fascinating and has inspired me to stop taking the things around me for granted and educated myself on the vibrant cultures that make up my London home.

Have you guys been on any similar tours? Do you have any favourite artists that you think I should check out?

* I was invited along to the Street Art London walking tour by Talented Talkers and Microsoft, was provided with a free meal at Pizza East and was given a goodie bag but, as always, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. adales8 says:

    I’ve been on a similar tour by Alternative London, and the Dal East piece is my absolute favourite! x

  2. Emily says:

    Great post! I see some of these a lot when I’m walking around Shoreditch. Will definitely be on the look out for the ones I previously hadn’t noticed. I was a little surprised to see that the massive “Let’s adore and endure each other” one on the side of Village Underground isn’t on here, since it seems to be one of the most photographed pieces of graffiti I know of.

    ♡ Emily from Trendpill x

    1. Emma says:

      Thank you, I am glad that you found it interesting. I actually just instagrammed the ‘Lets adore and endure each other’ piece I know everyone does but I love it.

  3. Such a fun evening and it was great to see you! Your images look fab – I was definitely impressed with the quality of the Lumia camera!

    1. Emma says:

      It was awesome to see you as always, let’s hang again soon but maybe somewhere a little dryer!

  4. This was such fun evening. Love your pics!

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks love it was great seeing you again. I am looking forward to the 11th. x

  5. misspond says:

    My boyf is a Londoner by heart and this is his favourite place to go and take photos. He loves how the street art changes over time so naturally we have a lot of his street art pictures up in the bedroom and around the house 🙂 When we’re in London together we usually head here to walk around 🙂 Another great place for street art is Bristol, they have some amazing tower block size pieces of art in their city centre- definitely worth taking a peek at if you’re there in the future!

    1. Emma says:

      The photographer was from Bristol and recommended that I go and check it out, I think I will have to try and squeeze in a trip before the end of the year. Next time you are in London with yer man we should take a walk around Shoreditch together.

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