Being a blogger means being almost permanently attached to my laptop, and that means my poor Macbook goes through a bit of a rough time. Already being a bit battered and bruised (but my lifeline for creativity and sharing) I needed to find a case that would protect my most prized possession.


Queue KANCHA Design, who emailed at the perfect time asking if I wanted to try out one of their products. Taking a look through their website one of their hard wearing laptop cases was an easy choice.

I love to support independent companies but especially when they have strong ethics. KANCHA describes themselves as an upright company aiming not only to create high quality products but also positive contribution to the economic development of Kyrgyzstan. The company was actually founded in Berlin but the Kyrgyzstan conection came when co-founder Tobias travelled there and became interested in the nomadic art of felting.


Returning to Berlin, he observed that there was a different type of nomad within the city: ones who carry technology yet have no fixed space. From these two observations came the idea of combining traditional crafts of Kyrgyzstan and marketing them to the modern nomad in the form of laptop, phone and tablet sleeves, as well as wallets; their valuable items could be kept safe and stylish whilst having the added benefit of helping to contribute to the less developed Kyrgyzstan economy.


These founding principles completely appealed to my dream of becoming an ‘Urban Nomad’, fulfilling my wanderlust by having no fixed location, yet staying connected by taking my technology along for the journey.

I selected the “Handsome” laptop case as the stitched pattern looked like a tribal interpretation of earth, with jagged mountains, swirling sea and sky. I may have romanticised the travel story just a little but that is what I can see.


All of KANCHA’s materials are natural and locally sourced in Kyrgyzstan, to support the countries economy and reduced the environmental impact and each product is made within the country which provides jobs.


There is much skill involved in creating each item: the felt is raw sheep’s wool is washed, combed and pressed several times, the raw leather is a waste product of the animal industry and take a week to prepare for use.


After the raw materials are ready, they are taken to the workshop where the patterns are hand drawn then sewn by an embroidery machine which requires a keen eye as it has to be controlled within the nearest millimetre to create the perfect deign. The pieces are then put together to make the competed product.


Finally a hand written label by the maker is added to show that is authentically handmade, and to add a personal touch.


Not only do I love having a product that is so lovingly made and unique, I was also incredibly impressed with the quality of my laptop sleeve which will hopefully help shield my poor Macbook from any more accidents! If you are looking for a unique product with an amazing back story then I would highly recommend checking out KANCHA.

* I was gifted this item but, as always, all opinion are my own.


  1. Li says:

    What a beautiful laptop case and even better being an independent and socially concious company. I love the detail on the case, its lush and would be interested to see the rest of their range. Sadly I think my big bulky laptop might be too big at the moment for a cute case but my phone is in need of a new home. Li 🙂

    1. Emma says:

      They do custom cases as well so I am sure that they would knock you something up to suit your laptop. Let me know if you get something and what you think.

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