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Truc Vert, Mayfair

Truc Vert is a charming, independent French eatery tucked away in fancy Mayfair. There had been a lot of buzz about the restaurant from my fellow bloggers but, rarely heading west, I had not yet tried it for myself.

So, when the lovely people at Zomato asked if I would like to go and check out the restaurant’s new live music on a Friday evening, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with a couple of my friends who work in nearby Soho.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

Arriving at around 7.30pm many of the restaurants we walked passed were brimming with diners, kicking off their weekend in style, however, when we arrived at Truc Vert there were only a few other customers in the large dining room.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

The restaurant was named after the idyllic beach in France and continued the seaside feel subtly with plenty of wood detailing, similar to the fishermen huts on the French coast, giving the room a rustic feel. Taking our seats, I soon realised that I had brought my camera but no memory card, disaster easily averted by our close proximity to Oxford street. I left my fellow diners to enjoy a bottle of Truc Vert’s house red wine, and I made a mad dash to Selfridges at the end of the street.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

Making my return, now fully prepared, it was time for some much needed vino. The Truc Vert Old World Cabernet Sauvignon (£23) was rich, packed with dark fruit flavours and went down very smoothly. If this is not to your taste there were plenty of other well selected wines, beers and spirits to choose from.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

Soon after, the live music started – a trio tucked away in the corner sang pleasant songs at just the right level, adding an authentic touch and also bringing life to the large dining room.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

Now composed it was time to order my Zomato voucher entitled me to two sharing platters so it was an easy choice. As I couldn’t see them on the menu I asked our waitress if there was any way of making one of the boards vegetarian as half of our table were non-meat eaters, she said that unfortunately there was not an alternative but she could split the meat and cheese onto separate boards for us. Happy with this resolution we looked at the menu for some vegetarian friendly side dishes, our options were very limited so we decided to just stick with the bread and cheese options.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

Having visited France many times I know that vegetarian isn’t really a ‘thing’ across the channel so the lack of choice did not come as a surprise to me, however the menus do change daily, making the most out of seasonal produce so if you are a fellow vegetarian it may be worth giving them a call before you stop by to see if there have any meat free options available.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

The boards were packed with cheese, meats, sprinkled with dried fruits, and accompanied by chutney and a side of fresh bread.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

The cheese selection was diverse, and utterly delicious, however, it came served on plastic wrapping which, for me, cheapened the display.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

Not quite managing to finish off the platters, we still had a little space for dessert. I am not usually a pudding person however I could not resist trying the Crepe banane chocolat (£3.50).

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

The portion was once again very generous and, though was gooey perfection on a plate, I could nowhere near finish it.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

The others went for more delicate options, including the chocolate fondant (£6.95)

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

and blackberry and apple crumble (£6.95), which also went down an absolute treat!

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

It was not only the food that was authentic, but also the style of service: the staff were friendly yet straight to the point, and there was no additional pampering. I know that this is not to everyone’s taste but I liked being left alone without disturbances whilst I enjoyed the music and company of my friends; it also meant that there was no rush to leave after we had finished eating, creating a relaxing environment.

Truc Vert London Emma Inks

The only criticism I have of the restaurant was that the entire place seemed a little tired, but with a few small updates and attention to detail this place could be an authentic French gem in the heart of Mayfair. Being a vegetarian I probably would not return for dinner, however I would come back for the freshly baked goods and wine alone.

If you are looking for a quiet, unpretentious place for a long catch up in central London, or need a well deserved rest after a hard days shopping, this traditional restaurant may well be the perfect location.

What is favourite French dish? Have you tried Truc Vert, what did you think?

*I was invited to try Truc Vert and provided a voucher for 2 bottles of house wine and 2 sharing platters from Zomato however, as always, all opinions are my own.

Truc Vert
42 North Audley Street

T: 0207 491 9988
E: info@trucvert.co.uk

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  1. Laura says:

    I love places that leave you alone to get on with it too – I know it sounds ungrateful but I find it annoying when you are asked how the food is every few minutes! That was dedication with your memory card too! x

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. Emma says:

      Ha ha I am glad it’s not just me! It is super annoying when you have a mouth full of food or you are having great chat and someone keeps interrupting.

  2. I absolutely adore French food, although on the top of my head I can’t think of many French veggie dishes other than cheese! Shame about the little details, but I love independent places so might have to give this one a go!

    1. Emma says:

      It is totally worth trying out next time you are in town, let me know what you think.

  3. Ashleigh says:

    *Puts this immediately on the wishlist.* Great post. xx

    1. Emma says:

      Thank you please let me know if you check it out and what you think x

  4. Vicky says:

    Truc Vert is my local so I absolutely love going for lunch there. NAC next door is also wonderful x

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