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Vlogmas Week One, New York

The first week of Vlogmas is done and a video has made it onto my YouTube Channel once a day for the past 7 days.

I was lucky enough to start the month in New York, an incredibly diverse and photogenic city, but despite having such a strong head start I have found vlogmas a real challenge. Remembering to film as well as taking pictures for my blog, blundering my way through using my camera, learning to edit videos quickly and also making time to enjoy myself has been a tough balancing act, but I have made it.

Vlogmas Day 1

A tour of our Airbnb apartment before heading out to explore Brooklyn and watching the sunset over Manhattan.


Vlogmas Day 2

A day of shopping in Manhattan finishing just in time for happy hour.]


Vlogmas Day 3

To celebrate Pablo’s birthday we took a look at Brooklyn’s street art before a tour around Brooklyn Brewery and drunk bowling.


Vlogmas Day 4

A rainy day exploring hip neighbourhood Williamsburg where we ate a mountain of vegetarian chicken and waffles, before heading to an independent cinema where food and drink were served at your own table.


Vlogmas Day 5

As per Pablo’s birthday wish we spent the day at The Natural History Museum exploring time, space and dinosaurs.


Vlogmas Day 6

Though we have been to Manhattan a few times before it seemed a shame to miss out on some of the city’s major attractions including Central Park, The Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree, Toys R Us and number one tourist trap, Times Square.

Vlogmas Day 7

Our last full day in New York started by having pizza and cocktails for breakfast, followed by our last subway trip to Manhattan to catch a last glimpse at some of Manhattan’s famous landmarks from the High Line.


Hope that you enjoyed this little insight into what it is like to come on holiday with us.

Have you guys been to New York, if so what are your favourite things to do in The Big Apple? If you have not been, would you want to go on a city break or do you prefer a more relaxing holiday?



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