Not Hitting My Targets

New year is a time when most of us reflect on the year we have just had and begin to make plans and targets for the one to come. I am not one for resolutions as I feel that if you really want to do something you should go for it then and there instead of waiting for a particular month. Yet, saying this, last year I was two months into Emma Inks and began to see an increase in my stats and social media following, lured in by the addictive buzz of new followers, interaction and invites I set myself a few targets.

One year on I have hardly hit any of my dream numbers and, honestly, I do not care.

This bold statement might seem like a coverup for my failure to grow as much as I initially hoped for but really it’s not and that is because my blog has given me so much more that I ever thought it could, even without hitting big numbers.

My blog began as it was the perfect place for an introvert like me to express myself without the risk of actually interacting with people. I was in control and could say exactly what I meant instead of the garbled nonsense that usually comes out of my mouth in real life. It was a way for me to stop hiding in the shadows and be myself even if no one else ever saw it. There is no way that I ever thought that this place of private solitude would become the catalyst for stepping out of my comfort zone.

My confidence levels have had huge ups and downs; a brief history to put this tale in context: when I was little I was wild and threw myself at every opportunity, as a teenager it was knocked out of me by bullying, backpacking by solo I remembered what it was like to push the boundaries and be myself again, at university I struggled with mental health issues and felt lost once more. Then I moved to London and what I like to think of as the recovery period, a happy time but one that mainly relied being supported by a crutch of people I already knew. My social life revolved around the friends that I had had for years as I did not feel brave enough to reach out on my own.

Little did I know that Emma Inks would be the vehicle to drive me forward out of my comfortable bubble and allow this shy, socially awkward girl to go out in the big city alone, meet groups of people and actually love it. Of course my blog is not a miracle worker, I still suffer from depression and anxiety but due to the people I have met virtually and in real life there are now more days where I make it out of the door, which for me is a major plus.

Saying that the numbers don’t matter would be an over exaggeration because many of the opportunities I have been able to take came from me having a following and I appreciate every person that takes the time to read, like, comment or watch my goings-on and random ramblings on the Internet. What I am trying to say is that in the last year my blog has given me so much more than targets and has opened me up to a whole new world of inspirational, kind hearted and unique people who have, without even knowing it, given me a confidence and vitality I forgot that I had, which to me is much more valuable than figures could ever be. That is why this year my targets are going to be focussed on having more fun and adventures which, hopefully, you guys will enjoy keeping up with.



  1. Damn right, more adventures!

    1. Emma says:

      You can never have too many adventures

  2. themayfairy says:

    Sometimes we just need to enjoy the ride and keep it fun, even if the stats page doesn’t agree with us XD

    1. Emma says:

      100% agree I just want to keep typing away, people actually reading it is a bonus

  3. Kate Jordan says:

    I completely agree with this. I didn’t have set figure targets in mind for my blog in 2015, but I certainly expected to grow more than I did. I’ve come to realise that I really don’t care about it either, mainly because I am fortunate for the opportunities I do have from it’s current ‘state’ and also because it really, really isn’t about numbers. It’s about everything it opens up for you!

    1. Emma says:

      Exactly blogging is so much more than just figures and exposure it is a whole community and a creative outlet

  4. Milly Y says:

    Having a blog catch up so I’m being a bit behind but I loved reading this and found it really inspiring. Some of the best blogs aren’t necessarily the ones with thousands upon thousands of followers, but the ones with real heart and a genuine love for sharing and interacting. And that’s totally you 🙂

    Here’s to an awesome 2016 in the blogging world! (and seeing you again soon plz!)

    1. Emma says:

      That means so much to me it’s unbelievable thank you! We 100% have to meet up soon

  5. Rebecca says:

    “I was in control and could say exactly what I meant instead of the garbled nonsense that usually comes out of my mouth” Literally this! I stutter sometimes too so I found this was the most powerful/rewarding part of blogging for me. I hope that this year brings you more adventures and memories!

    Becky xxx

    1. Emma says:

      I am so glad you could relate, I hope you also have a wonderful 2016 x

  6. Ana says:

    This is such an important post I feel. I think it can be so easy…and sometimes so damaging to get trapped worrying about stats and followers – I’ve been there as I think we all have been. It can become a crazy downward spiral. I wrote about having a little blog identity crisis when I renamed my blog and sometimes I feel like there’s a pressure to ‘conform’ to what we think is popular or what we feel would ‘want to be read’ – but then I had to shake myself off and remind myself that I have a huge amount of varied interests and that’s what I love about having a blog. We can each use it for our own uniquely creative outlet. If it’s coming from an authentic place, I’ve come to realise that any external comment or feedback is just a by-product. The main ‘reward’ is having the opportunity to create, express and reflect with freedom. Here’s to an authentic year of blogging and being creative! All the very best for 2016 & beyond  Much love, Ana xxx

    1. Emma says:

      Thanks Ana, I think there is definitely allot of pressure to feel like you need to conform but I totally agree that authenticity and happiness is way more important than worrying about followers.

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