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New York Clothing Haul

I don’t very often go out and blow all my money on clothes as I just tend to pick up bits and bobs when I either see them or as I need them, however when in New York something seems to switch in my brain and I turn into a complete shopaholic. The entire retail experience is just so so much more relaxed in the US than in the UK; with larger stores, attentive staff and prices I can actually afford, I simply cannot resist filling my suitcase.

This year in an attempt to be good I avoided most of my favourite vintage stores, markets and boutiques and planned to stick with buying much needed basics mainly form America Eagle. That was until I actually stuck to my Sephora budget… and then my plan went slightly off track with a few extra’s from Burton x Married To The Mob, Nike and Social Decay.

I am going to do a guide to my favourite New York stores soon, but I would love to know where you guys love to shop when you are in the States?


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  1. […] picked up loads of items whilst in New York, and shot a few outfit posts out there if you are looking for something more like my traditional […]

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